Is Bucket OP?


To start with this is from the hunters point of view. I’m not a bitter monster player who got his arse kicked. I was in a few hunt games and Bucket was my choice of support as I’m trying to get him elite status. I could reliably find the monster and had it tagged more often than not, deal great damage with turrets and missile launcher together, hide like a coward when things get rough and save the team/medic on several occasions to win the game.

All this while I’ve drunk enough whisky to get me more that a bit tipsy (35cl yes I’m a light weight). I just felt bad for the monster after the matches.


Long answer: No
Short answer: No


What he said. 10000x.

Bucket is underpowered trash tier in all situations that aren’t behemoth based.

Don’t get me wrong. LOVE bucket. Love his kit. Love his personality. Love his play style.

But winking with bucket means many mistakes were made by the monster or the monster was heavily out played.


No one is going to say yes I’m afraid.


Bucket - Laz - Hyde - Jack is legit in Hunt 2.0.


Not OP nor UP.


It’s in the opposite .Bucket lean to UP



I don’t think Monster was heavily outplayed or made a lot of mistakes.


Lol, since I’m the monster that played in those terrible games, it’s more like I’d play with reckless and just went in. If you didn’t see mistakes there, then I don’t know what you were watching. They played better than me in those games, I’m just surprised that the hunters team played as safe as they did. More props to them. They played a hard comp for hunter, and I’d just played bad.


More like was legit before they took away 40% of his turret damage.


Was it you? Well if you’re big enough to admit you had a bad round that’s fine. I geuss we can call this case/thread closed.


Alright then :bucket_cute: