Is bloodborne worth it?


Coming from a souls player, I haven’t tried bloodborne yet and I’d like to ask the souls community for your opinion if it’s worth it, or not.


@Fluffington Paging Ted because he loves this game.


i heard its 10x easier. so imo. nope.


Let the reviews come in >=]


If you like putting yourself through nonstop torment just for the satisfaction of beating a video game, then yes, yes it is ^.^


Loved the Souls games. Loved Lords of the Fallen. It was Souls without the masochism.

Don’t have a PS4. Wish I did.




Well i put myself through other souls games, so it already ate away at my life : )


In fact im playing dark souls 2 on xbone as we speak :wink:


Bloodborne… A game I was super excited to see… and then super sad to put down.

Games like Bloodborne: Baroque…

Game Atmosphere: A+
Game Monsters Appeal: A+
Gameplay Replayability: A+… and yet F…


So… long story short… You play the game… by not playing the game… (Whaaaa?)
That’s right. 90% of the fighting is un-necissary… as a matter of fact, the whole first act is just there to ensure that you have enough skills to continue playing the game… The more you play, the more you die, the more you unlock… that’s right… dying unlocks content…

Allegedly… At the start of the game… you have access to ALL the locations of the game… I believe the fastest the game has been completed was 27 minutes so far… Just by running the the final boss and killing it for 24 minutes… these numbers may be off due to my exaggeration.

So there you have it. Run through the streets… do not engage the townspeople… witness big bad guys… get killed by them… and progress in the game by getting killed… Eventually, you may find new clothes…

I don’t even know where to go from there really. A+ atmosphere, but please be aware you are going to play the game over and over again… because that’s what the game is… This isn’t even a Dragon Age 2 joke… You will be walking the SAME STREETS OVER AND OVER AGAIN…


I think it is. I have some issues with it. They force me to play a particular style, the camera still gets me killed in critical moments and world art in boss arenas isn’t very clean (like getting stuck between graves while trying to dodge insta kill attacks). I definitely think Dark Souls/Demon souls were better games. This one lacks variety in environments and player builds… but has some really cool monsters and moments.

It’s better than DS2, just not as nearly as good as DS1.


Quick question, how is pvp? Cause so far I heard it was annoying because of blood vials being constantly used, is that true?


Demon souls is another, I haven’t played it, but good things were said about it. Dark souls 1 was the best in my opinion because you felt very accomplished at beating it and you felt like you could rule the world/do the impossible but don’t know about demon souls, like I said I haven’t tried it, but I heard it’s harder than dark souls 1 which will most likely kill me : 0


Take a look at some videos on YouTube. All I see is R1 Spam up close and spamming the guns at range because you can parry even the healing. The PvP looks like a cluster**** compared to the methodical PvP in Souls 1 and 2.


I did not see any PVP. I played the multi player mode, but didn’t ever bump into anyone.

You CAN use blood vials to heal yourself almost anytime. there’s no CD at all. But you’ll need to go farm more if you use em all. For the most part, I think PVP is an afterthought to the game. It doesn’t ADD to the run through at all. If anything, it clutters up the landscape with gravestones that show you how someone died.

But combat in the game is very quick (Unless you use the Axe) and unforgiving…


Here’s a fight for ya.


Dodging seems to be key : b also the game seems to be more aggressive than souls games, interesting. Chewbacca dlc confirmed


Not fighting is key… dodge is your most important button.

There are also monsters (werewolves) that you are expected to juke. If they touch you, they will kill you flat. Period… Not that it matters… It’s very common to shoot them, then run into a house (since they are too big to fit through doors) they turn around and fight through the doorway…

Ogre? Kill it with two molotovs and move on… (BTW: I think the molotovs are the best weapon in the game).

The store seems to be useless. Dunno if it gets better later on.

The game HAS great combat! And gives you no reason to actually fight :frowning:


Have you seen Nosgoth?

Similar art style. But it’s team pvp.



Absolutely dripping with stunning artwork! It’s the first Ps4 game I’ve ever felt this way about. Absolutely amazing creepy, Lovecraftian horror