Is Behemoth underpowered or Overpowered or do Hunters go easy on him?


I know a’lot of people complain that he is weak and dies way to easy but all the games i have played as Behemoth have been fun, One guy even tried the stay ontop of power relay so i couldn’t smack him, And it lasted a long time and i still won :smiley: i play level 40’s But i know player skill will make it seem like he is UP or OP but atm he seems to be a tank.

He can take a’lot of damage and still have a chance. I like how he is at the moment apart from stamina, But i know that is to stop melee spamming etc. And rock wall but that’s bugged so xD


he balanced i d say, if behemoth manages to have full armor stage 2 he s gonna rock your world


I’ve used him every time I get picked monster since his damage bug was fixed. Ive never had a problem winning with him yet. I haven’t faced a Maggie with him yet so I have always been able to sneak away and eat and armor up before anyone finds me. I’ve had to fight at a few stage ones. If I see that the hunters are on me and I can’t shake them then I make sure they dome me in an unfavorable location for them. If you’re facing a really good team, you should expect to lose a lot of health and need to evolve to stage 3.

He’s not like the other monsters. If caught in a dome, he needs to engage. He can’t run around in the dome. And since he has to fight, he will lose health. It doesn’t melt away easily like people said unless they don’t move in an open space and are fighting hank and torvald.


I hate rocks so I hate behemoth


i’ve only just recently(yesterday) reached elite status on behemoth* and I can honestly say he’s under powered

*note this doesn’t mean I consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination and everyone’s opinion is as valid as mine


Goddamnit Marie, they are minerals!


i have 20 matches as behemoth right about now rounded down. and i have only lost about mmmm 6. so take what you will from that


He just needs his roll back to the way it was then he’ll be fine


He has a little bit of both UP and OP features.

If the hunters make even a single mistake, the behemoth can punish the hunters greatly. During Maddcow’s live stream, I was able to trap and capture a behemoth, but it was hiding in a cave. He tongue grabbed me, then fissured and destroyed half our party. The rest was a bit of cake for him.


  1. In tight environments, hunters don’t stand a chance.
  2. Tongue grab can detect invis. It has a recticle scanner that tells you someone is there even if they are cloaked, so you literally never miss.
  3. Your traversal roll is very fast.

1)Griffin can flat out shut you down from fleeing.
2) With your massive hp boosts during evolve, you can literally turn around a match where you have no hitpoints.
3) You have melee attacks that literally “swat” players out of the sky, and can knock them far out of unit cohesion.

You have to be careful when engaging one. There are literally parts of the map where you have to let it go, and try to work around it.


I’m 24 and 8 with him, top 700 world wide on Xbox One. Most wins have come since the patch.

It’s hard to call it. It’s a challenge against good hunters, but he just fucking destroys most pugs. Destroys them. I get domed intentionally at stage 1 just to get some strikes. If I escape a dome with a few strikes, it’s over. Once I hit Stage 2, I’m going hunting…

ETA: I think it’s world wide, but it might be regional. I’ll check when I get home.


Yep, unless you’re low on health there is no reason to go beyond Stage 2 :slight_smile:


underpowered atm, hes decent in caves everywhere else hes meh


They should not have nerfed his stamina.


Yeah stamina nerf killed it for me


I would say he definitely doesn’t feel as tanky as I imagined him to be but I must say I just go so full on combat that it’s usually over rather quickly for one side or the other.


They’re bringing his stamina back when the nect big patch comes out but still that stamina nerf is killer


I heard they nerfed stamina in an attempt to fix the roll abuse but what a price it was… They should have just removed the autoattack reset that the roll provides and leave stamina alone. Roll abuse is still not fixed its just less strong.


He is far too dependendent on his environment, even for a monster. You catch him in the right nook and he can practically camp there all game since going in is a huge death sentence. But if you catch one is an area with high pillars 1 good hunter can juke him forever and 4 just ruin him.

His damage needs to be more consistent and less bursty so he cant camp as easily. At the same time needs better mobility and some way to fight in vertical areas without straight up dying.


Yeah thats what they said and they cant dp that with micro patches devs said they can only change numerical values. I think thats what they’re planning on doing to behemoth for the big patch lol.


You pretty much nailed it. Everything about him is one extreme or the other… It’s to the point where I refuse to get domed in spots without a cave or other narrow area; and unless I’m forced to, I also refuse to hit Stage 3 because then I no longer get to dictate where we fight.

Until the hunters catch on I’ll gladly never step one foot outside of my cave… unless I’m hunting down that final survivor xD