Is Behemoth going to be a racecar?


With stage one domes being an absolute death sentence for current monsters in high level play, good monster players have to keep their nose pointed firmly at trappers at all times. Pulling off dome jukes is a necessary skill in order to survive at stage one currently. As such I wonder just how fast Behemoth will be.

We know that Behemoth climbs slowly, and runs slower than other monsters. On top of that he will have to plot paths with no terrain breaks at all, or at the very least with lots of downhill drops.

If he is to have a chance as such a big target vs hunters, is he going to be blistering fast at top speed while rolling?


I’m assuming once he starts rolling he’s gonna leave hunters in the dust fairly quickly.


I don’t think it’s going to be “SUPER NASCAR 500” speeds, but it’ll be fast enough for the Behemoth to at least get away once they pick up momentum. My gut’s telling me that it’s going to take quite a bit to get the roll started though, so Behemoth players will have to plan accordingly. I’m actually more interested in how fights will play out compared to speed 'cause I’d imagine that it’s not that hard to find a giant flaming tank/boulder running around :stuck_out_tongue:


Wont stasis grenades and tranqs just stop him moving…


don’t forget the trappers hookshots :stuck_out_tongue:


If I recall, doesn’t he have an attack that essentially creates terrain formations?


Fissure? That one splits the ground in half…


Stairs grenades do look like it’s going to overkill him lol


With the strength of evading in Stage 1 Domes, I heavily disagree that they are dangerous in high level play.

Guessing he will be very fast then, though.


i hope hes Sonic the Hedgehog fast :smile:


They don’t affect traversals, only harpoons do. It can be confusing because Kraken’s traversal is not his flight but his air boost- flight gets gimped by tranq and stasis. As Behemoth appears to have a completely different system to the pip counter, the rules might not be the same. Any time he is balled up he could be unstoppable except by the walls of a dome.


Goodness that would be horrifying.

Cartoonishly blue skin please!


yup, i notice they give kraken face make up lol if they gave behemoth a cartoony blue skin with white face make up, id lose it XD


Top speed of 34 MPH according to infographic.