Is Behemoth elite worth it...?


Not sure if this is the right category, but here we go.

so my problem is:


Its always worth it


it’s gonna take so long to tongue grab 175 hunters mid-air… :tired_face:




Nah, it wont take as long as getting Sunny or Slim elite


Slim elite… piers don’t give me nightmares.


i know, but still. it’s gonna take so long, even when farming this technique


psh, I cant even finish the second star!


Kraken had the same issue with vortexes on jumping hunters, its not so bad.


3 words


second is easy enough man, keep grinding, while i’m crying over my third star… :sob:


how do you grind it though? What worked?


nah that’s easy enough man. :wink:


a lot of people make custom solo defend matches, but i prefer going into online evac matches :smiley:


It took so long


I got that star before any of the others. It’s the charge one that I can’t seem to get. For whatever reason it doesn’t seem to want to register multiple hits for me.


okay, some people are luckier getting hunters to jump or fly i guess :confused:


Go solo match-Put it as balanced match, hunter no strikes, hunters respawn in 30 secs
Defend On the ice map
Go to the right part near the building at the first generator, in the cove looking area
and just use fissure to hit them in the air and go tongue grabbing 4 daYz

I was getting 40 air tongue grabs per match which went for 10+ minutes


i’ll have to try i guess


For Slim’s Spore launcher go to defend, balance, high wildlife, infinite strikes. Choose Sunny, Markov, and Abe as your partners in crime and Wraith as the bad guy. Just stay at the turrets. You can shoot 4 spore clouds to make 1 LARGE spore cloud before needing to ‘refresh’. The Wraith and/or her Decoy will go for the turrets first and then attack you/your team. Just keep refreshing those 4 spots while the turrets are up.

Once the turrets are down blanket yourself and/or the generator itself. 4 spore clouds can cover a large area. Should be able to get 3-5 each time. Once the generator goes down just go to the next 2 turrets and repeat. Wraith usually dies after the second generators turrets go down. You pick Sunny, Markov and Abe because they all help with slowing and don’t do as much damage to help Wraith live longer.