Is behemoth balanced?


Insane amount of health, rock wall, dot, fissure can scale walls and insane range, quick traversal that also does damage, and a scorpion “get over here” move. You tell me. I’m never able to beat him. Community?

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A lot of people are kind of up in arms about him, including me. It’s not that he’s weak, but he’s buggy. On consoles he seems to do well, but it’s the opposite on PC.

He does have a bunch of health, but he’s a huge slow target. Kinda tips that scale against him. If his kit were fixed and slightly adjusted, he’d be perfect.


I say he is balanced but there is the occasion were the roll does a double hit within 1 second… Its quite annoying… Just need a good support and medic. Blitzkov and Lenny can tear him UP!


I personally think he’s pretty balanced. Most people think he’s UP but I don’t get that sense :smiley_cat:


The answer is yes, he’s mostly balanced but buggy, both in and against his favour.

Behemoth is quicker than he looks on the move, but suffers greatly with wind up animations and acceleration. That said he’s got good health and armour so can withstand a beating. His abilities mean that generally CC isn’t something he has to be too concerned about and good Behemoth players really command the battlefield from a relatively small area.

But with rockwall breaking a bit too often and being hard to aim, tongue grab unreliable at high latency, and some movement quirks, it’s fair to say that he seems under powered with those in mind.

I fear a sneaky behemoth that gets to stage 3 more than any other monster since there are tons of health and armour points to get through and (as I said above) good behemoth players command the battlefield and use rockwall to mean that people are picked off one by one with very little opportunity to stop that attack unless rockwall breaks.

Edit: I think we’ve come a long way from the time where it was easy mode to face a behemoth thanks to the roll damage and thanks to the fact those dedicated behemoth players have made it a bit of an art to dissect the hunters.


The behemoth is both underpowered and overpowered to an extent.
He is underpowered in the way that he is a giant bullet sponge capable of dying quicker than a stage 1 wraith a good dome, easily cheesable through terrain elevation changes, and often times is plagued with bugs that can cripple a behemoth in combat i.e. rock wall gaps, getting stuck on obsidian grubs.
He is overpowered in the sense that he has one combo that allows him to bring a hunter down from 100% health to 10% health in a matter of 1.5 seconds. All the behemoth has to do is to land the tongue grab, then start a chain of abilities that will utterly cripple a hunter. His burst potential is insane. In addition, the tongue grab into rockwall pounce combo is very good in the right situations.
Bottom line is that Behemoth is a high risk high reward type monster for most people for the reasons listed above. If you can make it to stage 2 as behemoth, the game is ON. However, if you get truly good Behemoth (I believe I possess extensive skill with this monster), then Bob is utterly terrifying. To put it in perspective, I’d rather play against a really good Goliath player than a really good Behemoth player. Behemoth forces you to respect him because if you slip up even once, the behemoth will make you PAY.
P.S. beware the tongue grab


Ah yes, I agree… If it is a stage 1 behemoth, it is screwed! You really need abilities in 2 points. It is like, guaranteed to lose a lot of health, it is SLOW, it is BIG, and WEAK.


I have argued on several occasions that Bob could use some buffs. Looking back, I think I was mistaken. Buffs won’t make him play better or function more smoothly. His kit matches how he looks and feels. Slow, powerful, and deliberate. He only needs adjusted. RW and TG are all that ever bugs out, but those are being worked on, so that leaves LB and Fissure. I think they’re in good places, right now. LB could use a smaller impact damage but more DPS, so people don’t decide to sprint through and tank it like it’s nothing. Aside from bugs and that one thing, I think he’s about perfect. Can’t complain about health because he does have a lot, even if it can be melted. Can’t complain about armor because he’s mobile as fuck with that roll.

Overall, he’s good, but he’s the toughest to play well. He also requires a vastly different playstyle with sitting around and careful positioning, as opposed to chasing the Hunters to damage.


Behemoth definitely needs to be adjusted. It’s a sad state of affairs that the best way to use him is to abuse him, so to speak. Roll hitting hunters 5 times seems to them like an extremely unfair advantage, but they don’t ever see the issues that plague us on the chase. Hitting anything and doing an instant 180 is a NIGHTMARE against a good chase comp, as it is when you suddenly float in midair and lose all traction as a ball, have to come out of it, drop down, and start moving again with less stamina and 0 momentum. That in addition to rock walls with game changing gaps 25-50% of the time and rock walls that fail to appear at all probably 5% of the time.

Mobility is already supposed to be Behemoth’s downfall, and his movement is crippled on top of that. Getting hit with mobility bugs in combat usually means that all the progress you make is void and that’s just too bad about the health you lost committing to it.

It wears on me psychologically as a Behemoth main when a lot of my kills, and thus a lot of my wins, are chalked up as bullshit bugs while my failures due to bugs are chalked up to my incompetence. Not saying i get no legitimate kills or that i suffer no legitimate defeats, but i have definitely won matches i deserved to lose and vice versa due to bugs.


The roll could be annoying especially when you get stuck and cannot move. But it think that is only fair since he is kind of slow but the damage is kind high lol Overall he is balanced. Also his tongue grab has an amazing hit box and feel like it should be adjusted as well.


he is fairly balanced but is still the buggiest monster in the game.
Struggles like a lot once he goes against more coordinated teams and relies too much on map and terrain making him very situational.

He is pretty OP with damage perk, especially when the hunters can’t dodge the tongue grab.


Which drains extremely fast against a team.

I’ll give you half of that. Yes, it does do damage and can be spammed but his traversal can be… unreliable.

Yeah, tongue grab is very hard to use and often bugs out.

But. Like. The holes. D;

Behemoth is balanced in my opinion. If he had no bugs, he’d be very formidable, but still balanced.


I think out of all the monsters, staging up makes the most difference to Bob. The only one point ability he has is Fissure, abs even then it’s not that good.
With Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith, there are just certain abilities you don’t need to give a lot of points to use effectively(Vortex, Banshee Mines, Abduction, Decoy, Flame Breath, Charge.)
Yes, points do help these abilities but you don’t need them. Whereas RW and LB are usless at one point, and tongue grab is just a tad too slow.

Is this just me?

In any case, Sunny nueters Bob more than any other monster and she is the meta so Bob is hurting. He’s almost there. Almost.


Never died as a stage 1 wraith it’s too easy to survive


Yeah it’s true not just you, I have noticed that most of the monsters have abilities imbalances that make one points almost useless. Behemoth seems to suffer the most from this though.

Kraken has the best kit because even with one point in everything he’s still very effective.


It’s funny that we’re talking about this, because i JUST played a game and managed to record a really good example as to how badly the behemoth bugs can mess up a game, without even being in combat. Sometimes rolling off of a cliff causes you to continuously roll at a slight downward slope on midair without being able to change direction. This was a really small cliff I didn’t even notice, but it didn’t matter. Birds Stage 1 can be and very often are the difference between starting the game scary and starting the game cowering, entering S2 Confidently and ready to fight or in a corner praying to god they don’t hit you with the S2 dome. Fighting the Relay at full health/armor against 4 strikes or being forced to fight with half armor and 1 bar of health because time is almost out. I really cannot overstate how game changing a really tiny thing like not being able to turn right for 1 1/2 seconds can be at a competetive level.

Air Behemoth


He is balanced but his Roll make to much damage Cheater just do the Roll Spam its very annoying because of the Knocknack

and i play alot Behemoth so this is for both side


But…I watched a YT video you put up and you rolled spammed multiple times :laughing:


Wait, why didn’t you just exit the roll? It looked like you just kept going lol then when you fell off the cliff onto the birds you got out of.

Also, replacing CDR for MS :flushed:

I agree though, Bob has it bad with what can happen while traversing. Especially when you hit a small object and it turns you around in place.


I didn’t have a lot of time to react, i was going relatively fast. Plus, i was thinking about the map, hunter routes, my routes, whether or not i should ambush S1 while i had CDR, if i could get enough food to evolve before i hit the edge of the map (which equals death for a Behemoth on Armory), and then on top of all of that i saw MS and i had to take it.

Can’t put up much of a fight S1 with CDR, but i can sure use MS to get away. Plus, Armory is my all time least favorite map for getting away, every-fucking-where is a cutoff point that the hunters can use unless you’re crazy fast or real slippery. Also because of that, If the hunters had gotten MS and i didn’t have it i’d have been supremely boned for the next 5 minutes. It was the only option I had.