Is anything going to be done about chaining slows?


I’ve about had it with the val + abe combo

way more anti-fun than wraith ever was


slows dont stack.
they take the greater of two slows and applies that.


Statis + Tranq only used to stack outside of combat and that was addressed in the latest patch. This thread is invalid.


In either case, there should be diminishing returns on the slows. Val + Crow can chain slow endlessly.


This is what I’m talking about, the two of them can essentially force a wraith to be reduced to using only traversals, so once you’ve been slowed your only option is try to hide, which is impossible due to Gobi. You have a marginally better chance vs abe but not by much. Throw a Cabot in the mix and there’s no chance of escape. Its ridiculous


Slows don’t even stack. It takes the higher slow, and replaces the old one.

They just help to keep them active, if there are 2 slow units. You’ve got to counter them if that’s the case. Or do your best against them.


It takes the higher slow but both still apply, and its too easy to keep them chained.

What do you propose as a counter to slows? There’s no way to counter them once they’ve been applied, especially considering 2 characters have the ability to see you through walls. The only counter to slows is sneaking, which is no longer a valid tactic due to crow’s wallhacking bat or abe’s darts

Its only enforcing the need to cheese as monster by avoiding combat, spamming as behemoth, or play kraken because he’s op and can wipe the hunters as soon as they drop out of the ship


Save traversals, break LOS; and move around them. Try to keep them from getting reapplied to you. About all you can do.

As the monster, you’re supposed to be scared of the hunters until you’re ready to engage. They need to find you, slow you, capture you, and attempt to kill you. It’s not too unbalanced imo.


So you save your traversals, spam all 3 and warp away but vals tranq lets everyone know where you went and crow spams Gobi out and they’re on you again immediately reapplying slows

I regularly keep monsters slowed for minutes at a time as hunters and have no problem doing it


If you’re good at staying hidden, shouldn’t be too painful. ^.-

Depends on the skill of the monsters, and hunters.


Use terrain to block LoS.
If you can’t shake them, then suprise them with a attack. Down 1 person or severely injure 1 or 2 and they will stop to heal up.
Then you run.


Why would they stop to heal when they can have the assault or support stay behind to handle that while the trapper and medic chase

I understand that if you kill them you can win. But if you have a half way decent hank or sunny on your team you’re not gonna be able to burst the trapper or medic down unless you focus them which means torvald is throwing mortars all day.

You can definitely drag matches out and win against this strategy, but im not saying it’s impossible to beat. Its difficult but doable. Just like it was very much possible to win as a wraith pre patch, but the wraith was nerfed due it being anti fun.

Imo slow chaining is much more anti fun, and its less counterable. The wraith has to stop running eventually, but the hunters never stop tracking through walls and slowing


I just want to point out how you said that.
Assault and support can stay to heal?
Anyways, really the only way I can help you is that you need to get away before they find you. No use in sneaking with a Crow around. Make sure you are in a position where you can take out Crow or Val before you need to run. (Which I will admit, is really hard with Hank and Sunny, try to break LoS with the rest of the team)


Assault and support can heal a downed hunter. They come back with a full health bar when you revive, just with lower max hp due to strikes


But you see, if you get them near death, but don’t down them, then they have to heal. Espicially if almost everyone is hurt before you leave.


Don’t forget about wildlife too! If you’re constantly getting slowed try to find some wildlife that’ll screw up the hunters as well. This way they might freak, switch weapons to fight off the, say Nomad or Megamouth, and give you some precious time!


Now it’s even worse. New nerf to traversal.
2 seconds slower. And they are constantly slowing down, keeping you in combat.