Is anyone playing Legacy on PS4?


From what I can tell, Evolve on PS4 is 100% dead. Completely.

I can’t seem to find a game.

God’s sake, I can’t say goodbye to this game yet.


I deleted it eons ago. Put over 3000 hours into that game but the final state it was unfortunately left in had too many bugs that were game breaking and all my friends stopped playing. I still see a few on my friends list hop on.

Might be people doing privates.


If I renember correctly, there are no servers to play anymore. You can only play with friends if you create a custom match as host. That’s probably the reason you can’t find anyone.


Nope. Peer-to-peer servers are still available.


Well I’ve got nothing then. Sorry.


I still play the PS4 version of Evolve! My username is the same as my forum name. You can add me and we could play a few rounds!


That is more than 4 months o.O


I. Like. Evolve.


I too like evolve.