Is anyone having this problem?


I just spent a total of around 40 minutes in the XB1 matchmaking.
My xbone is connected to the internet and 2k, I can access the store, play solo, etc. But whenever I go into any sort of multiplayer matchmaking it just searches for players endlessly.

Help D=


You’re on an xbox.


Ha ha. Very funny.

Xbox is a perfectly legitimate platform.

I play it because my Pc can’t handle Evolve, and I prefer the controller for monster play.


Hey buddy just some friendly advise don’t play multiplayer until they patch the lvl / mastery bug, lots of folks losing all progress and you can’t get your lvl or mastery back. Patch coming soon we all hope myself i’m 34 and holding not even playing solo, not risking all that work.


Sometimes restarting the game solves it.


How do I restart the game on Xbox One D=
I can go to the guide menu, but Evolve doesn’t have a quit button. I haven’t found a way to close the application for Xbone, even turning off the console just resumes after I turn it back on T-T

BTW I have never had my progress wiped… I thought that was a PC thing


That’s weird dude it lets me and everyone I know quit it from the homescreen. So you tried going to the home screen highlighting evolve and pressing the options button? (It’s the one to right of the guide button with 3 horizontal lines on it)



Ok I will try that lol, I dont use my xbone a lot =P


It’s the button that was called the start button on the 360 if that helps