Is anyone else disappointed with all these monster nerfs?


I feel like the monsters are becoming weaker and weaker with each patch. The wraith lost her mobility last patch. I’ve just learnt that the devs are planning on removing Behemoth’s roll damage, and slowing down the aim speed of Kraken’s Lightning Strike. At the same time, the dome has become silent, and they released a set of new hunters with a few incredibly powerful move sets. Sunny, especially, has an over 60% win rate at the moment. I used to really enjoy playing the monster, but I don’t see a bright future for monsters ahead. I see a lot of complaints about being thrown into games or lobbies as the monster when you don’t want to, and that monsters only run until Stage 3 and then fight. Why do people think that is? It’s because monsters are running out of options. If you want to play monster and enjoy yourself, then you need to accept that you’re no longer on TRS’s list of priorities. The worst part is, I don’t even lose very often - pubs can still be stomped - but pubstomping was never the most fun part of the game. The fun part was challenging coordinated teams and testing your skills against them, but this no longer happens. I just feel like a lot of the potential is being sapped out of the game.

So, I want to know what everyone else who main(ed) monster thinks. Do you feel that the game is more enjoyable now that monsters have been nerfed, and how do you feel about the upcoming nerfs?

Can the hunters get a break?

I feel it’s more about Hunters starting to be better more than other reasons in general. While certain changes have weakened some monster(s), I always thought Monsters would come out strong at release and then Hunters would become stronger and then it would normalize.


Wraith nerfs were necessary, kinda saddened by the Behemoth roll nerf, and Krakens LS is ridiculously easy to aim as is.
As it stands im a bit disappointed with the T4 being as strong as they are, but the one that i have beef with cough slim cough is getting a damage nerf so im fine with whats been goin on.
Except roll damage.
That makes Quirkles teh sad


They are fixing an exploit for absurd DPS.

This is a fix. It has been increased due to other changes and it will be likely reverted back to what it was before.

I main Monster and dabble in playing all of them. Kraken is currently bordering on being a free win against any lineup until his Lightning Strike gets fixed.

Sunny will undoubtedly be nerfed when the game receives a balance patch.


If anything the hunters are receiving more nerfs


There are much better ways to fix the exploit with less detrimental side effects, and quite frankly Behemoth needs his DPS because he takes such high damage as well.

I’m aware of the Kraken’s mobility bug and I think they should fix it, but they are making additional nerfs to LS - namely making it move slower at the end of its animation.


People just seem to focus on the Wraith mobility nerfs but she remains pretty strong. The Kraken has always been on the strong side so slight changes should make him more enjoyable for both parties. Goliath is still the most balanced character in the game. Once they finally adjust the numbers for Sunny and Torvald, the game will definitely be more interesting.


Some of her changes were necessary, some weren’t. I’m not going to comment any further than that, because there are tons of threads about the Wraith.

The Behemoth nerf really troubles me, because it seems like they’re going in the wrong direction with these balance changes. I have no idea what will be in the next patch - the vortex nerf was sprung on us suddenly, and it’s looking less and less likely that anything even remotely beneficial will happen to monsters in the near future.


Yeah the behemoth nerf is weird, his roll damage was really satisfying, and effective for hunting, not really sure why theyd remove it :confused:


Because they can micropatch damage values, but not change delay in animation etc… outside of larger updates. They are trying to balance it withi numbers first, and then mechanic changes later.


It’s because you can spam it and then heavy melee and repeat very fast. The DPS is very high, but even without it the Behemoth slaughters things within his reach. They should just add a cooldown between rolls - nothing crazy, just enough to slow down the damage so medics/supports can keep up.


Ah thats fair i suppose


I just hope in the future they can bring back roll damage, nothing quite like rolling through a group of hunters and watching their bars drop :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah the thing about how the game is turning out is that stage 2 (which is supposed to be a fair fight) is no longer a fair fight. The hunters get more feedback because the ratio of hunter players is 4-1 (or along the lines of that). Even when put against players that are equal to your skill level in a stage 2 fight, you’re still at a disadvantage. Like I think this last patch made a few major mistakes, like not nerfing Caira’s healing. In a test I’ve done with my team, I would land a stage 2 lvl 2 leap smash on the other 3 hunters which should give you a big damage advantage right? Well with only 3 shots from her gun, they are all back to most if not full health. When tournament teams only pick Caira, it kinda shows how powerful she is because those players use the most powerful hunters, because they want to win. When you give a skilled team a Caira Hank combo, you’re mostly wasting your time and can only have a chance at stage 3 (again referring to how stage 2 fights can be unfair which isn’t how it’s supposed to be). When you attack Hank, you’ll just be wasting your time because Caira’s healing would negate about 80% of the damage you dealt with an ability and negate about 250% thus resulting in not even damaging them at all with melee. Then when you try to go and focus Caira, the Hank would shield her when she’s low on health and she’ll heal herself to full health in no time, then the cycle repeats or if you stay on Caira, her healing would keep her alive (not counting her also evading/dodging and perks involved). I’ve suggested giving her a healing reduction and of course I got replies like “get good.” and all that but whenever I challenge them and their team, either I don’t get a response or I beat them. I can support my skills because I have a youtube channel that has videos of me fighting and doing challenges that put me against great odds and I still win. I have actual balancing ideas and I know they would actually make this game fun and actually balanced for both Hunters and Monsters without getting the spam threads of either one being OP or UP. Like if Caira gets the healing reduction nerf, I say then her grenades should be proximity based like Hyde’s toxic grenades, that way she won’t have to be right on target and could heal hunters in the air with ease, thus making her still be an effective medic.


This is a major problem with the game right now - stage 2 fights are no longer even remotely worth it for any monster, Wraith especially. Trading strikes for health damage was a risk vs reward thing; you could choose the terrain, fight near wildlife, or the Trapper could outmaneuver you and dome you in the open and the team could pound into you. But now, as the Hunters’ survivability goes up and the monsters’ survivability goes down, the risk is rising and the reward is fading away. So now even more monsters flee to stage three, and then there are one or two relay fights and both sides come out of the game unsatisfied.


In my opinion, I think they needed a wraith a bit too much like decreasing speed for warp blast and range and reducing the time for supernova. The only nerf I wanted was the decoy nerf. Kraken needs a speed buff because he relies too much on his traversal and that is still very slow so you can expect the hunters to be right on your tail


It just reminds me of Gears Of War over the course of the 360 trilogy, as more and more got added, it became more and more complex and became harder to balance all the elements together.

I don’t think it’s intentional, it just takes time to balance.


personally I haven’t ran into these problems people keep mentioning (level 32 for reference) and while I do run mobility regen thats because I want to get in peoples faces faster in a fight. one thing people seem to forget is that wraith can still burst people quite easily from my experiences and she can juggle now too due to the radius buff on warp blast.


The behemoth roll damage nerf is temporary
they can’t fix it properly without a full large patch to his mechanics, so in the mean time they are simply reducing the damage as a quick fix.
His powers are getting buffed up, and his melee toned down, so he should be the same overall, because right now he can beat hunters to death with his bare fists and nothing else at stage one, to the point powers are a liability. So they are shifting power from one to the other.

Once he has had his big problems handled properly his damage will be returned.


I suppose that’s better than nothing, but between the micropatch and the big patch the Behemoth is going to be unpopular. I like Behemoth’s melee damage, but it is a bit much. The only abilities I really use are tongue and rock wall - his melees are more powerful than both his damage abilities.