Is anyone actually playing this game!?


Currently on Xbox One searching for Evacuation Co-Op and I’m getting nothing. I’m maybe sometimes getting put into Skirmish PvP, but that’s it. There’s nothing on Gridom either. Single player-mode is pretty much non-existent. Is anyone else getting games?


idk maybe check your connection


What’s your level?
Might be linked.


My connection is working fine :smile:
I’m level 25. Does level play a part in match-making?


Yes, it is heavily weighed in matchmaking since it can be unfair to low-level people to be paired against high and vice versa. You’re likely hitting a bit of a moving ceiling that will get higher the longer the game has been out where you’re getting to be on the more shallow end of the available players. On the PC side as a Level 38 there are usually people around to play with but I’ve increasingly been paired with people I’ve played with before, something that never happened at early levels.


Level 28 and played co-op Evacuation all night last night with no issues.

In fact never have had an issue with co-op, mainly with PvP matchmaking.


Yeah, I tend to play Co-Op Evacuation as a matter of course since it is still fun and challenging and you don’t constantly face craptastic Wraiths or people who are full of themselves. It is typically a pretty relaxed bunch of people who play well, are trying out new things still, and getting their masteries and experience. Good times.


I just don’t get it then. I’ve seen a few other posts with people complaining of the same thing as me. Maybe right now, is just a bad time of day. Suppose I will just have to be patient. Maybe the match-making rules are a little too strict. It would be interesting to know what the max and min levels I’d be paired with are.


Try restarting the game if you are still having an issue. It’s obviously not peak time right now, but still there are definitely people your level playing, you’ll get in.


It seems to be at least 5 +/- but it may be slightly more based on anecdotal evidence. You’re right though, during the “day” in the US during the week player number drop until the “afternoon”-ish time frame.


Yeah. I’ve noticed the game seems to be a lot more popular in the US and I guess a large portion of those people are sleeping or working right now. I’ll try restarting the game too, see if that throws anything up.


Do you have an open NAT?, if not:

If that doesn’t fix it, call your ISP


I don’t know…

My Sky hub is not listed on

However, I have had matches, it’s just intermittent


approx. 5000 on steam right now. Not too shabby.


Perhaps a bit too heavily, if it’s leaving ppl w/ bots rather than placing them with lower level players. That seems to be a pretty serious oversight. I’ve mostly been grinding for Elite skins (which usually requires specialized conditions outside of general online Hunt matches) so I haven’t played much online recently at level 39, but it seems to be mostly higher level players who are having problems finding a game.


Time of day is a big factor, obviously. However I do know on the Xbox One people have decided to wait for the patch that fixes the progression wipe issue to be released before they risk getting back on. At least I know myself and all of my friends have.