Is anybody here who got Emet's mastery in a legit/fair way?


So I started to watch some youtube videos to get tipps how can I get Elite him but its everytime single player with some really “cheaty/hacky” ways.

So is there any legit way to get Emet elite?

Honestly how can I get 20 revives with the beacon in one round.


You need at least one friend for monster, but ideally all 4 of them. One will kill those three and you can use beacon. Those three won’t fight back to make swift.

  1. Go into solo.

  2. Load up Broken Hill Murder Pits.

  3. Go into the spot where the AI thinks you’re invisible at all times.

  4. Let him kill your teammates, armor up, then respawn them.

  5. Voila.


[quote=“10shredder00, post:3, topic:84665”]
Go into the spot where the AI thinks you’re invisible at all times.
[/quote]Whereabouts is this spot?


On the map that is extremely vertical, the highest location you can get there is a stone cube, when you stand on it the Monster forgets you exist. Use behemoth since he has huge HP, armor, and damage.


Before I moved to Rainbow six I got real close without playing Customs are Solo. The secret?

Christmas noobs


The Elite Respawn Beacon Mastery is too contrived to expect to do it against anyone but a very new monster under unusual circumstances. You will only ever get it playing with friends or grinding in solo. I did a video showing an easy to replicate strat that is not a gimmick or hack. It can take a bit of skill to pull it off successfully.

Video for Emet Elite mastery


Would that be the roughly tubular map with a pit of Tyrants at the bottom?


It’s the rectangular one where there’s one wall that has a view over a giant lake/open area surrounded by rocks.


Okay, found it. Thanks, it’ll make those emet masteries a tad more bearable.


Okay thanks guys I was hopping for a legit way to get the masteries but it seems that no one got it in that way. What had TRS smoke as they created the masteries for EMET or they really think that these masteries are possible against good monsters?

Its a clear evidence that he is UP and not working like intended.


Nah Emet works as intended.

Masteries are very noticeably TRS’s weak point. They make terrible Mastery challenges for some of the characters with terrible requirements to reach them.

And nobody can say 50/20 Slim Bug Revives and 60 Emet Beacon Respawns is a fucking smart and feasibly possible thing to do in a reasonable time frame and manner!

Like hell if I’m going to let my near dead Teammate go down just so I can hope to get the slow revive with the Bug before Daisy runs to the damn rescue!

Ain’t no way I’m gonna willingly let my team die just so I can drop a Beacon and cause a Strike on their health! I’m gonna stay and fight and heal like a real Medic not run away going “DAMN IT ASSAULT! STOP PROTECTING YOURSELF AND DIE ALREADY CUZ MASTERY PROGRESS!!!” because that is what we want to support Evolve with…
Super Grindy requirements.

TRS can make a good game but those masteries doe… stahp!


LOL, you ask for legit way and ppl respond with answers such as: “get friends to do it” or “cheese AI”.

Yes, they arent viable. Tech-Hank orbital damage is one I havent done yet, after several tries in diff modes I have 0/20 in masteries. (from 2 to 3 stars orbital)

I have no idea why ppl cheese these masteries and still take credit of them. Flaw in human nature I guess.


Yes I ask for legit ways not for ways to trick the AI or that my friends kill the bots and I can farm the mastery. But now I know at least that the mastery of EMET is a joke and everyone is doing it like this.

Its easy your character is stronger, if you dont have the mastery (3 Stars) you are just not that strong as it could be. EMET get 10% range increase on the heal bots if you have him Elite so its not that trivial like you think. And on EMET you need every single buff what you can get.

Lets hope that they do not balance decisions like masteries decisions.


TatzyXY obviously no mate.


What why?


Because noone plays that much of Emet and the thing that the beacon mastery requires never happens in real games so that’s why.


In Hunt 2.0 I only play Val or Caira and support my mates as I can. On PC I have just seen awesome damage with EMET and Cabot so I just wanted to try him more and maybe with full elite he doesnt suck that much anymore but I dont know.

I am main Val/Caira so I cant say.

Please dont call me “no mate” if I just want to try an other medic beside Val/Caira :wink:


I have EMET 3 star on all apart from the respawn beacon so he’s all good really i mean the 10% faster recharge on the beacon isn’t needed really unless your team dies all the time!


I just did it in Solo, it’s better for everyone if I just wanted elite skins or just get it over with.
I personally believe it’s a scumbag move for people to be eliting characters online, because about half of them has you 'to be an asshole to your teammates’ which is something that TRS should really consider changing.

I can’t tell you how many games had I been in where medics would purposely let their teammates go down, or Torvalds not using their entire kit SHRAPNEL FOR DAYS!!!
It just ruins the game for everyone.