IS any one still playing this game ? ( no joke )


hello its a legit question… is any one still playing this?.. i have been in que for 40 mins every evening eventually just quit was wondering why is it like this?.. no answer on the facebook page for some reason cant post there anymore :frowning:


What system are you on?


im using a PC


The pc playerbase is extremely low while most players currently are doing customs. I’ll leave it to the PC people from here on.


mmmm ok didnt know that thanks though … kinda bummed payed full price for this :frowning:


Don’t lose heart. There are big changes coming in the next title update that should help revivify the playerbase on all platforms!


cant wait :slight_smile: hoping for some good stuff


Check out this topic and join in on the discussion about the changes to class abilities:

Also, welcome to the forum!


will do , thanks .


I play but offline. Can’t choose who I want to be in online.


Further, and most important question…
Are you doing Hunt 2.0, or quick match?

Hunt it takes me at least 30 minutes…quick match is usually less than 5 :slight_smile:


does the patch release in june or july?





Other than that, no other info.


From a rumor floating around, I’ve heard that it’s in June… the logical thing to think about would be around the next fiscal quarter though (July).

An FYI: The most active time is around 3 PM EST.; if it drops below 100, don’t bother looking for a game.


I fear that they cant bring the numbers back to the 10000s no matter what they do at this point…hell i cant even find a ranked game on ps4


Defeatist attitudes don’t help, and you’re only souring your opinion of the game. There are a lot of PS4 players who play and play ranked on the forum. Make some friends!


Depends on what you are trying to do. If you are doing Ranked Hunt, then you will have to wait 5-30 minutes at least. If you are doing to quick play, you might have to wait a few seconds-10 minutes.


I know on Xbox, at least within the 25 people sized circle I’ve established, everyone is playing something else. I’ll see one or two of my friends on every few days but I haven’t played in more than a week.
Everyone I know just seems to be waiting for TU09.


I am not playing it till TU9 but I have a friend who plays it and says its difficult without a party.