Is Aftershock too oppressive?

Hey guys, I just want to get your side of things. Do you feel that the Kraken ability ‘Aftershock’ is TOO oppressive or do you feel that it is fine where it is? I mean of course it is supposed to be a big AOE instant damage, but from my side of things as a medic on Team Nightmare who has to constantly deal with it, I feel like it can be a little inescapable sometimes. I’m not saying that this thing is impossible to avoid. But it is very hard to avoid if Vortex CC’s you into the ground followed by traversal aftershock. Making it basically inescapable without dodging the previous vortex, then proceeding to double jetpack for the aftershock itself (that’s if two jet packs is enough).

Just to outline this, I feel that it is important for competitive games to have strategic diversity and counterplay available. So basically I am saying that Aftershock should be trying to achieve something specific aside from “When you get hit by this and vortex, it’s GG”. I feel that because of how reliable the damage is from the huge diameter of aftershock (which becomes effectively doubled with ‘traversal aftershock’), and the reliable CC and damage of vortex, the combination needs to get some attention in the next patch.

In case this combo is new for anyone, it is basically the current Kraken Meta for competitive play because of it’s reliable and high damage. But I mean I am sure there are those of you who feel that the combination of these abilities in their current iteration is just fine. And the thing that I would be interested to know is if you are a Monster only player, and if you are in the competitive scene. If no to the first one, and yes to the second, I would be pretty interested in hearing your side of things. I mean if you are a part of the dev team it would be pretty cool to hear from you as well! So I am just going to leave @MacMan, @Chloe, and @Shaners with a tag into this one and see if we can get some word from the peeps high up!

All I wanna know is if the interaction that these abilities are currently giving us is intended, or if it is looking a little oppressive :slight_smile: I’m expecting some creative answers from the community! I hope you have good opinions guys. And informative knowledge from the devs :slight_smile:

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