Is Abe's Stasis the Same as Crow's


Is the strength the same?


Yes, they are the same.


The strength is the same, but I believe Crow’s lasts longer than a grenade by a couple seconds.


Are they? Then explain to me why grenades will pin Kraken to the ground, but not stasis gun?


The stasis effect is the same across all boards. A good Crow is scary against Kraken.


You didn’t answer my question.


I honestly think Crow’s is weaker…


Exactly, you can’t even stay up when your the Kraken


Yes I did. The effect is the same across all boards, this means that Crow can down a Kraken.


They are the same I believe

Abe’s last about 15 seconds, Crow’s lasts about 9.8 seconds as of the last patch.


Crow’s should be stronger imo. His is at least a skill shot. ^.^
But in all honesty, I like Crow how he is. He’s perfectly balanced imo.


It’s 9.8 seconds, just so you know.


Funny. Because when I used fully charged stasis shot on Kraken, he kept flying like nothing happened.


It takes time, if he uses a traversal he can still sit in the air.


Against a good Kraken, stasis isn’t that effective. Harpoon’s much better if they can use it well.


He didn’t even sneeze. He was flying like nothing. He was slow, but he was still flying.


As I said, it takes time. A Harpoon is more effective.


I have to agree with @Terepin that when playing with/ against Crow that it seems to be weaker than Abe. I could be wrong, but it always seemed to me that way.


Depends on the player I guess. To double check @The_Mastermind do you mind giving some stats?


Abe’s is better imo. However, Crow brings more utility, and a better tracking device in my opinion. While Abe has to throw 3 grenades, Crow just has to charge one shot. Then you can get straight into the dps, and he actually deals quite a bit with accuracy. Not to mention the chase potential he has, since you can chip through the armour.