Is Abe under appreciated


Am I the only one who thinks that abe is just thrown under the bus. He is the strongest trapper even so to the point where you can out damage the assaults. His stasis may not stop transversal and full movement but ask anybody it’s annoying when your trying to melee and you can’t hit anything. his tracking dart is also just amazing if used properly you can keep a monster tracked the entire game. the dart also scares monsters from evolving cause they know they are guaranteed to lose health and be domed

stage 1 domes are still a common occurrence if not more common cause they’re scared to evolve

follow up question if he is just not as good as Maggie or Griffin does that mean that he needs a buff cause that’s what I keep hearing


every time I see Abe my first thought is “Great! Now I can get to stage three without interruption”. Nobody uses his tracking darts effectively. I can go entire matches and never eat a single dart, get to stage three and then smash face.

I believe he can be a great character and trapper but nobody uses him to his full potential.


Abe is my trapper of choice I rarely lose as him I just rarely play trapper lol


Not enough people are using his darts when they are cutting off the monster and for some reason people aren’t cutting monsters off that well with him.


it may be because I almost only play Goliath but I find his stasis grenades to be a joke. They don’t ever slow you down enough to do anything.


really? cause I’ve seen people straight outrun stasis goliath melees


Abe is a completely useless trapper until you first spot the monster,
what people dont seem to be doing is shooting the wildlife with the tracking darts effectively and then from the the stasis grenade tracking dart combo is lethal


Another effective thing to do with him is once you shoot wildlife with a tracking dart don’t kill the animal. As a monster going against Abe I won’t eat already dead wildlife as they usually contain a dart.


I think Abe needs to have his status grenades last longer.


I think better players are trying to elite characters or just stick to mags and crow. Giving up constant stage 1 domes is asking alot here lately


well that seems kind of obvious to me every one I play says free stage 2 or something else but Abe can shrink the map rather quickly in a similar way as Griffin
you go dart up the cave then you go and dart up the main feeding ground and then you’ve already cut off searching a third of the map at minimum and it just doesn’t stop
a good example would be the dam cause I can get the entire map tagged I’m basically 5 minutes and then their is absolutely no escape


I don’t understand what you mean I get a lot of stage 1 domes I think it’s actually really funny when people say that normally cause a monster sees abe and thinks I’ll just sneak and feed in some cave and that’s where Abe finds them hiding in a cave then you hear em’ you dart em’ and they’re running from dome to dome afraid to evolve cause of darts


I still remember when people claimed abe to be OP on the first few days of launch. Now no one bothers to use him because he can’t find the monster like griffin, maggie, and crow.

You get abe in your team then no one will know where the monster is. Even Bucket is more efficient in finding the monster than abe, but at least he could find the monster after you’ve darted a bunch of wildlife.


The consistency of abes domes is similiar to griffens. Early game luck. Late game skill. Yes once he gets into position its hard to shake loose but getting there is the problem.


Ever since stasis got nerfed against Kraken there’s no use to pick Abe.


I’m a hard hard abe player I love him with a passion sometimes and to be honest I don’t have that many problems finding monsters there are only 3 types of monsters
runners - run for the quick food and/ or buffs
sneakers-they generally all sneak the same way
wildcard-sneak somewhere unexpected but they generally take longer to evolve and you can figure out which side of the map people are in generally pretty quickly
I find its high skill high reward and the whole free stage 2 just doesn’t really exist anymore after you figure him out


Abe is useless imo, sure he can keep track of you, but what if the monster doesn’t care?
I for one dont, and thus he is irrelevant to me.




go into custom with a friend stand abe and Hyde or markov side by side see who does more damage


Honestly I find Abe better than Maggie. Yep, you read that right. You need to be able to find the monster with little or no aid from your tracking ability. Once you’re able to do that, Abe is much better than Maggie. Then its one dart in and you’re not getting away from me the entire game.