Is Abe better than Maggie and viable in higher level play


I play Abe and today I was told that Abe is the worst trapper. I think he’s a great trapper Maggie and Griffin are good but Maggie has her dog which the is kind of cool but I think it’s a major crutch finding the monster isn’t that hard in this game anymore and I think abe has better CC than Maggie and possibly Griffin consider this a monster is chasing support medics healing or whatever and he just keeps punching him support runs towards harpoon, considering he somehow gets there the harpoon hoes off the already meleing monster just instantly snaps the harpoon and finishes killing him
scenario 2 same thing but the monster is melee walking support you run through stasis so you outrun the monster and only hits you once twice if he’s lucky giving him the ability to escape via cloak get healed and/or just get close enough to a wall to begin kiting where the health from medic is plenty to keep him alive
now also consider a dome just dropped you start running from Maggie cause you know they most likely only have a general direction and that you can outrun them around the map now consider your playing Abe who knows exactly where you are at all times and is cutting you off much harder than Maggie can afford to
consider even that a dome is coming down Maggies only way to keep you from out running the dome is to pre-planned a trap let’s be honest how often does that happen you only would need one jump and then your out almost every time they have to follow you till you evolve to even dream of catching you
scenario 2 you already know where the monster is so you cut him off with the dome the monster jumps into the stasis you threw after doming and then he walks and then boom you got him dome success ( not quite as reliable as Griffins but considerably more than Maggies
also I’m a very biased player about this and well I’m curious what others think also tracking isn’t much of a problem daisy is a crutch

@b_wood3235 you can defend Maggie being you are the one who told me this to be fair I would like a strong counter argument
b_wood3235 s defense "First off I’d just like to say I consider myself one of the best monster players on PS4, I won’t state my rank as that is fairly irrelevant. I do apologize if this sounds arrogant as I don’t mean to be. That is simply my opinion.

Now on to the point, Abe is simply not as strong as Maggie or Griffin. Let’s start with tracking. Maggie has daisy. Daisy is a very valuable asset in both finding the monster and tracking it afterwards. She makes sneaking almost completely worthless. She is less viable in combat than the other trappers tracking tools but she does bring the ability to revive the hunters and as a bonus, she can also be the last hunter standing, buying time for the dropship to come back. Next, Griffin has sound spikes. Sound spikes are a good tool for both finding and tracking the monster. They are not as effective as Daisy, but more effective than tracking darts. If properly placed, the monster won’t be able to hide for long. when done correctly, you should fine the monster late stage 1, early stage 2 at the latest. They are also very effective in combat. If you place one in a dome, you will have a hard time losing track of the monster. Finally, Abe of course has tracking darts. Tracking darts are a good tool for tracking the monster, but not very good for finding the monster. Yes you can dart wildlife, but, this is a long and tedious process that likely won’t result in you finding the monster until at least late stage 2, and perhaps even stage 3. As crazybread said, it is easier to find the monster at this point in the game. However, when playing a monster that’s good at stealth and doesn’t want to be found. With no good method of finding the monster it is unlikely you’ll find the monster until it is late in its evolution process. I will say though, once you do find the monster, you likely will be on his tail the whole time he’s running. They are very effective in combat because you can virtually always know where the monster is in a dome.
To the next category, damage. Maggie’s pistol does very respectable damage. As long you burst fire it so the huge spread the gun has is drastically reduced, you’ll be doing good damage on the monster. Not much to say about Griffin’s SMG it does only slight more damage than Maggie’s pistol and is far more accurate. So, everything said about Maggie in this category, goes for Griffin as well. On to Abe, this is the one area where Abe outshines the other trappers. His damage is more comparable to a support’s than a trapper’s. The one problem is, it’s not the trapper’s job to deal damage. The trapper’s main job in combat is slowing the monster down. As I’ll get to in a bit, Abe is poor at doing this. The only thing he can do in a dome after putting a dart in the monster is to do damage.

Now on to the final area, crowd control (CC). In combat, Maggie is certainly the best in this regard. When properly placed, these are absolutely devastating to the monster. Combine these with the combo of a Caira and Hank/Sunny and you will have a tough time getting down. The exceptional slow time makes the monster an easy target for a well timed mortar strike/orbital barrage. It also leaves the monster vulnerable to some heavy SS damage from Parnell. These are almost worthless in a chase however, as these don’t have the range to slow a fleeing monster. This is a trade off I am willing to make because with proper team coordination and good setup they are (and I will repeat this because nothing describes it better) absolutely devastating. Next, Griffin has a harpoon gun. In combat the gun is fairly useful. A well timed harpoon can stop a leap, leap smash, warp blast, etc… The one problem with this is that he only has one and it has a moderately sized reload time. In the chase however, the harpoon gun is easily the best.nthe harpoon can stop a monster about to dodge a dome, and can keep him within range to throw a dome when the cool down is over. Finally, Abe’s form of CC is stasis grenades. In combat, they have varying degrees of effectiveness. Against a Goliath, they are basically worthless. Use of a traversal breaks the stasis effect and since in combat your traversal recharge rate is faster, Goliath almost always has at least one available. Against a kraken, these are fairly effective as they bring the kraken down, but, stasis is still broken with use of traversal but it can be slightly annoying having to use the air burst to pull yourself back up. It is still not as useful as either forms of harpoons though. Against a wraith they can basically render decoy useless. It slows the decoy down to a slow walk, and ensures the real wraith won’t be far when it’s cloak breaks. Against a behemoth they will slow him down, even when rolling, but only as long as he’s within a certain range of the grenade. In the chase they are fairly poor. The monster does have a longer recharge rate when outside of combat so a stasis grenade on a monster with no traversal a could be enough to land a dome. The problem with this is that they have a hefty travel time and will likely require you to sneak up on the monster to get the grenade on him.

In conclusion, there are are many characters who I, as a top monster, am not very worried about. These include but are not limited to, Slim, Lazarus, Abe, and Bucket. These characters are fine if you’re purely playing for fun and/or playing pubs but if you’re playing to win such as in a competitive setting, these characters are just plain bad. Now, as someone said, any character can be viable in the right hands. However, you’d be limiting yourself and your team by using, for example, Lazarus instead of Caira. If you do well, it’s simply because of your own personal skill, and you would probably do better using the stronger character." the BTW man


Viability is dependent on player skill, team composition, and team synergy(how well you work together).

Literally any hunter can be viable for high level play if you are good enough. Ive seen some scary good Vals and Lazs in ESL games.


yeah I can rephrase the name to is Abe better than Maggie


In my opinion, yes. Abe is better than Maggie.

Not generally but if you know how to play him. Abe is more rewarding to skill


Abes DPS is crazy up close compared to other trappers. And his grenades are very reliable.


In high level play, early detection of monster is very important. in each map, mainly divided into 2 part north/south, east /west, if we know the general direction of a monster, we can narrow down the search significantly, and every second counts.

1st: To find the monster at stage one.
2nd: To trap it at stage one. or stage two without armor.
3rd: Not losing the monster once spotted.
4th: Repeat: find + trap.+ slow/dps… etc

So, maggie does the first part pretty well.


I’ll be honest finding a monster isn’t that hard normally I’d say I misread a monster once for every 6 games and even then it’s not for long


We have yet to see sneaking attempted in ESL, this new Abe meta might encourage monsters to test the limit of sneaking’s effectiveness. With the current monster ‘dine and dash’ meta, Abe is probably the best trapper for his ability to apply evolve pressure, forcing the monster to be domed as they evolve and take lots of damage. Trapper CC is less important than this sole ability to create opportunity to deal health damage. Having a Hank/Sunny & Caira combo makes CC a side note.


so you think abe is good I’m so happy what about compared to Maggie


I feel that Maggie have the highest effort-to-strenght ratio, which is why she is so popular.

Abe isn’t bad, but he won’t stop the monster’s abilities, as opposed to harpoons.
Also, allowing the monster to sneak isn’t a bad thing since you slow down the game, increasing the chance of casually stumbling over the monster and even if you don’t, its easier to achieve a timer advantage.


I feel completely different about that I feel that Maggie has the highest skill curve (easier to learn) but the lowest skill ceiling while abe is the complete opposite


I really don’t know. Let’s see how monsters respond with their sneaking, because from what I’ve seen of last week’s ESL, a tracking darted stage 1 monster is dead meat. To have a good chance against a well played Abe you want to get close to that evolve before you are noticed or hit by the pistol.


As a header, I don’t play this game competitively, but I do consider myself pretty good. Anyways, yes Abe can be very good. That’s one of my favorite things in this game - no character is inherently good or bad.

The only area where Abe really struggles is in the very early game. His CC is pretty decent. His DPS is quite good actually. If you like him and you know how to play to his strengths/weaknesses he can be very good.

Unlike the Supports or the Medics, who have a clear best choice, the Trappers and Assaults are all pretty balanced. It all comes down to your personal preference.


yeah that’s what I thought I said something in a stream about a monster not sneaking off spawn against abe and then they started joking and saying that the monster was a scrub and I’ve confirmed it
he l8r got slaughtered during his evolve


Abe Laz even lets the hunter team spread out a bit more if the monster sneaks off spawn. There’s no point pouncing a separated hunter if Lazarus is in the area to resurrect him, and team mates are close enough to stop corpse consumption.


that’s true we haven’t tried splitting up cause normally my trapper senses begin tingling and tell me where he is ( spiderman jokes lol) I mostly lead my team to stage 1 monsters I know the best places and how people generally play so I don’t have problems


In all honesty, for high level play, Daisy is far less useful. Her main strength becomes using her as an early warning or tip off system and as a fifth team mate to rez in fights and hold for the ship.

Maggie’s CC is hands down better than Abe’s though.

But Abe’s weapon is better than Maggie’s. Can add a lot more damage to the team.


It would be harder for you in Medlab or Orbital Drill where there are several cave spots to sneak between. You could probably post lookouts to watch the paths between these but then again smell perk would counter that strategy by allowing monsters to see which way would be safe to sneak.


honestly med lab is one of the easiest all monsters either go down hit a spotter or they go up cause generally there isn’t enough food by the poison hounds and I always check for movement speeds body in pubs


also the only map I don’t like is that really brushy one with that stupid river I can’t see and I can barely track
edit it’s probably the one you’re talking about but I’m getting better and I’m learning that I’ll know if they go towards sloth via sound monkey and the caves don’t have enough food for me to worry either