Is a trapper supposed to out damage all the support classes and have near assault level dps?


And have all the CC abilities better then any other trapper?

Every game all I’m seeing is WLM.


Thats crazy… Explains why all i see is wlm in silver tier


Actually, most of the damage comes from Daisy. XD

And it’s not a surprise to see 2 characters deal twice the damage.


…It’s still coming from picking WLM as their trapper. Their trapper is dealing this much damage. In addition to the Assault and Support, who are also probably dealing around 15,000 damage each. And not only that, but this trapper in particular has better CC than the majority of the others. If you think that kind of damage on the second least damaging class in the game is ok, you’re either not playing with good hunters, or you’re turning a blind eye to something that’s blatantly wrong.


Yeah no, Emet’s damage is high for a medic, Crow’s is low for a Trapper, but Wasteland Maggie is waaaaaay off the charts and is undoubtedly going to be getting a nerf.


Which doesn’t make sense. I do over 6,000 damage each round with 4mins of stasis and 30 Gobi spots.


Keep in mind this is more than likely Global averages for all platforms and players meaning some games are destroyed by S1 Monsters with no damage done and some are wrecking a S3 armor through armor. Most people probably aim to shoot through armor and therefore will not deal as much damage in the long run with Crow.


Well probably because most people who play Crow are like me, and they just suck ;-; I have terrible vision in my right eye and it makes playing Crow almost impossible. I never know if I pinged the monster or if am actually going to hit it with that little target


Meh I do that kinda dmg with og mags every game don’t think telemetry is really a good way to base your info I mean Hyde is at 85 or 9 that’s pretty low for an assault


Is there a need for like 5 Maggie is OP threads? Or could we merge them all together?


Getting tired of thread hopping to keep up on them all =/


Tonight for the past 3 hours on ranked hunt EVERY team I’ve played has been using WLM. Never seen a bigger FOTM yet.


Figured this is worth pointing out, but Wasteland Maggie’s damage is actually bugged in the current telemetry. She is pulling damage from a few areas she shouldn’t be so it’s causing some crazy numbers for the live telemetry. Just don’t want anyone going crazy over that graph since I’m seeing a lot of misinformation being thrown around.

WL maggie and og maggie am I the only one who feels og does more dmg
Poll on WL Maggie from Monster's POV

Is she adding Hyde or Caira burn damage by chance? :stuck_out_tongue:


My primary concern is her harpoon trap. It is way too effective. I get that WLM is a higher dps version of maggie and is supposed to give up some CC but she actually has more CC then Maggie.


Nope, but she sure is pulling a whole lot of what she shouldn’t. Not sure the specifics of why it would do this, but I know @mizx has already fixed this since I talked to him about it yesterday.

Checking the other characters this is only an issue with WLM, so everything else in that initial graph is solid. If I use the internal numbers for WLM she’s sitting at the top of the trappers still, but still in line with each class.

And @Will_Reed we plan on taking a look at trapper CC in general at some in the near future, but I do tend to find myself playing WLM over OG Maggie. So maybe it is something I can bring up and we can push the differences between the two in a future update.


Why’s there a bar for “tech” and a bar for "sergeant Hank?"
Are they both for him? Is one for Kala? I’m way confused.


Tech is the dev name for Kala. Sergeant Hank=Tech Sgt Hank. :slight_smile:


Thanks you @Insane_521 Tonight while playing monster literally 9 out of 10 teams were using WLM in their setup. I think I’m done playing Monster for awhile until this imbalance is looked at. WLM isn’t fun to play against game after game after game. I can handle if it its sometimes but when its virtually EVERY game in mid Silvers ranked hunt it gets old and not fun.


Oooooh, okay. Normally, Cabots numbers don’t count for damage he boosts with his Damaw Amp; so Kala’s probably doesn’t count the damage that her Armor Reducer allows, right?


Yeah, WL Maggie seems to have way to much damage in comparision with the rest of trappers and supports while she was supposed to have more CC potential (i guess) @MacMan. Propably some tweaks could be made for her machinge gun or daisys flamethrower - i guess most of the damage comes from the damage over time and fire traps