Is a fix EVER going to come for the Mastery bugs?


I’m getting really tired of making huge progress on Masteries and not getting rewarded for them. Case in point, Tech Sgt. Hank’s L3 Orbital Drill. “Deal 2000 damage in a single round 20 times”. It still sits comfortably at 0% complete, despite the fact that I’ve dealt upwards of 10,000 damage in matches literally DOZENS of times. This bug is robbing me of skins and Achievements that I’ve earned MANY times over.


Well, they’re going away anyways, so no fix is in the works


What’s going away? Masteries? That sucks, I still had more to complete for those skins and Achievements! So is the Achievement going to become unobtainable?


MY guess is that the achievement is going to be updated to whatever is replacing the masteries


I hope that doesn’t mean the skins will become unobtainable either.


Skins will still be obtainable. And new ones too!


Good, sounds like all good news then. I hope whatever replaces the Masteries is easier to do, some of them have driven me crazy literally since release day.


I think that they will take a bit longer but will be easier in terms of what you have to accomplish , so might take a while but there will be no ‘‘jungling’’ to accomplish them.


Tech Sgt. Hank elite/mastery isn’t part of the achievement. Just the original 12 characters.


I know, but I still want his Elite skin. So I’ve been working on every character I didn’t 100% complete yet.


I don’t think there’s a seperate elite skin for him. I think it’s like the Monsters. You get the variant elite, you get the elite skin for the original. I may be wrong though.


If that is true, it doesn’t go the other way then, because I have original Hank and Markov as Elite, but I don’t have Elite skins for their variants.


The hunter adaptations need their 3 star masteries for their elite skins. They’re separate from the original character. The monster adaptations don’t have an elite skin so you’re completing the masteries for the bonuses only. :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s what I thought. I haven’t gotten any of the adaptations to 3-star yet, I’m closest with Maggie, I have one of her three skills 3-starred. With the regular Hunters, I’ve got roughly 75% of them done, but the remaining ones are driving me nuts.


I know how you feel. By the way, I think the damage towards that mastery star is damage on the monster only. The damage it shows at the end is including minion damage, wildlife damage etc. Could be why it’s still at 0%. Just a thought anyway. :slight_smile:


Were you trying to accomplish this defend mode. I found out the hard way that tech hank won’t gain progress on his orbital in defend mode. Go into arena or hunt if you prefer. You should be able to finish his masteries like that


I find that Hunt doesn’t help much, it’s almost impossible to do enough damage in Hunt with the Orbital Drill. I just gained progress on it in a Defend.

Arena I absolutely can’t stand, I DESPISE the mode and never play it.


They’ve said, IIRC, that the intent is to make things for progression in the new system more natural and less niche and grindy. I never wanted to grind masteries so there are elites I just don’t have yet, so I think like me you’ll probably look forward to the new system on this front!


I’m looking forward to it. But I REALLY want to finish the Tier 1 Hunters, since I only finished one of them, and it’s been since release day. I have most of the others done.


I’m also trying to finish off the last few characters I have left to elite. Jack is the only trapper left and just needs headshot damage. Cabot is the last support and also just needs headshots. Finished my last assault, parnell, last week. Kraken and wraith are the only monsters I haven’t got elite and kraken just needs to finish vortex to be done. I only have 2 medics finished, emet and slim. Laz and rogue val need to finish the 3 star masteries and val and caira are barely at the 2 star masteries.