Is a 3 Point Wraith Blast Dodge-able?


Compared to any other monster ability in the entirety of teh game, ONE move has been plaguing me the most. I just can’t seem to dodge it.

It seems the only way to dodge it, is to anticipate the attack when she makes that specific whirring sound as she closes the distance with that move. Once it’s next to me getting ready to blow, I pretty much just brace for impact at that point because you just can’t dodge.


I’m not sure if it’s possible in the game, but I’ve never been able to dodge.

Maybe going straight up with the Jump Height perk?


With full Jetpack and a bit of anticipation… yes. But it’s HARD.


Jump height perk is pretty useful for this, especially after the buff


It’s hard, but possible.

You need one dash, and a ton of prediction. Then you can jetpack straight towrds it and get past the hit radius by running. The manuever leaves you without cover though.


Who the hell is aiming WB on the ground? I’m aiming it mid air and there is no chance to dodge…


Don’t forget that monster is choosing when and where the WB blast. You don’t need to land full distance so I would say: No, you can’t dodge WB only monster can fuck it.


its like prepatch lightning.

u dont dodge it… the monster misses it


A shot and a reaction. You’re too slow, you get hit. You’re faster than the Wraith, it’s going to miss.

I just played against a Kraken who kept doing Lightining Whip the entire match.

Needless to say he missed everything :blush:


Unless you see the warpblast coming in advance I don’t believe that’d work because it’d set off before you have time to jump.


then the hunters aren’t being very smart lol

no reason to be in the air unless you’re dodging an attack or climbing and the only safe time to climb is when the monster has already blown his skills and has to try and melee you


Wtf are you talking about? I’m saying that I’m aiming WB to the mid air and not ground.


yeah now u can dodge it but if u didnt get hit PREpatch than the kraken missed it :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point. Unless you are on the edge of the blast radius, or have Sunny helping, I’m not sure what the likelihood of dodging is.


I know. Still, it’s hilarious to me that someone can be so reliant on a bug and then call themselves good players.


It IS dodgeable but there’s no visual feedback to let you know whether you’re in or out, so it’s safest to use at least 2 bursts. There have been times where I thought I was safe and ate it anyway, and times when I thought I was about to take it but it missed me. That’s currently my biggest complaint about Wraith.


if you dodge before it starts detonating, you have to see the wraith starting to move towards you, point blank is near impossible to dodge, but seeing it just a half second early is more than enough time to get out of the range.


This. 3p WB is not fun to fight w/o any visual cues. Stopped playing on Saturday out of pure frustration after getting downed @ half health w a WB 15m from me. There’s no proper dodge counter to it like LS since the visuals don’t match range.


Yes. A reason to use this…


…then they dash away

the only way that it’s hard to dodge is if you’re using it point blank, or you don’t see it coming

if you surprise a hunter with it and they don’t see it coming, that’s awesome. But in that situation they don’t have a chance anyways cause they didn’t see it.

If you’re in a dome, the hunters should have visual of you at all times unless they’re making mistakes.

They see you start to warp, they dash out of the way. This isn’t specific to warp blast, you should be dodging a wraith that is traversing towards you too so you can avoid melee damage/supernova

If you’re using it when you’re already right on top of a hunter then yeah they’re pretty much fucked but it’s that way with most abilities