Is 3 Points in Lava Bomb supposed to be that much stronger than 1?


So I found this data on the guide provided by @white_hawke8 , so it might be a typo, but if not this really needs to be looked at.

Lava Bomb: 227 - 234 - 250
knockback 10/11/12
explosion radius 6/7.5/9
droplet radius 3.4/4.2/5
dot 100/125/150 with 6 second lifetime (does not include 20 dps fire dot with 6 second lifetime)
velocity 36/40/56
9 second cooldown

I know that about all abilities increase their damage by about 10% from 1 point to 3 points, but look at the DoT damage! Thats a difference of 50%!

The velocity does not seem right either, I assume 40 is a typo and should be 45, but still that is not a 50% increase, but a 56.25% increase from 1 point to 3.

The radius of the droplets is not the most accurate 50% increase, but I’ll let that slide. Even though I still do not agree with a linear growth of radius values, as the effective volume increases to the power of 3 (337.5% Volume for 150% radius).

But really the DoT of 3 points is too high. @Insane_521 can you maybe take a look at this? You might be able to reduce Behemoth’s pubstomping by changing the DoT to for example 110-114-121.


Isn’t that to prevent players from standing in a lava bomb? Don’t take but a second to hop out of the radius of the droplets when I’m against bob


The whole point is devastating DoT dude.


It’s designed to be an attack that functions as an area of denial. The main issue is that people keep standing in it, and expect for nothing to happen =/ You ever seen a grown man stand in the middle of burning lava? I imagine you won’t enjoy the scenery for very long.


Yes, but not everyone knows how to realize whether or not they are in a Lava Pool. Which is why Bob has such a high pub winrate. Besides, Gorgons Acid Spit does 140 dps which does NOT level up at all, instead the duration does.

Thats like looking at a Rock Throw dealing 664 - 830- 996 damage and say that the whole point is devastating burst damage.

  1. People still stand in it, as Bobs high winrate suggests
  2. It is not about the damage itself, its about how much it INCREASES. It could be 200-210-220 and I wouldnt say a word, because it levels up by 10% like EVERY OTHER ABILITY. Right now its 50% which is a pre-5.0 value of abilites leveling up.


All abilities will be following a new level up standard in the next patch. So all discrepancies in scaling, such as Lava Bomb, will be fixed then.

Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

This is why I start 3 in lava. It’s so good and people are like, “that build sucks, the hunters must be noobs.” Nah fam


A thread about nerfing bob…my god


That right there is why any discussions about anything are mute as f**k until the next patch comes out. Which is good. Helps slow things down a bit.

Although I wish we had more info on what the next patch actually consists of so the community can put in their two cents on the matter but oh well…



Well, this is just about the DoT damage of the Lava Pools, which is the main reason why he performs so good a low tiers: The Hunters stand in there. And higher tiers, it shouldnt even matter that much. You stand in there 1 second max which with the values I gave, made a difference of 29 damage Maximum. At 1 Point it would even be a plus of 10 damage. Besides, if you jump out of the Lava immediatly, like you should, it is a difference of ZERO.

Also this is not a thread about nerfing bob, like i said before:

It is just and solely about the inconsistency of the damage leveling up. It is not about lowering the damage.

The question has been answered by LordDeath, so I think this can be closed.



Question answered :slight_smile: