Irrelevant Water


Some newer People might not even know about this, but it’s something I noticed: Water is irrelevant in S2. In S1 you could strategically fight in water, because ppl couldnt revive downed hunters because they had to swim. Rn it just looks like everyone can walk on water…
Would be cool to have that back. Give the Monster some advantages Terrain wise.


There is still an advantage to water - deployable hunter tools can’t be set up on water. Also, I don’t think any of the current maps have deep water. You’ll likely see a comeback of swooning when maps with deeper water is reworked.


Ah ok.

But It’s not making that much of a difference (the deployable thing) since water is mostly in the corners of the map so you can deploy them on land and still reach to the end of the map.

Ya hopefully. I think it was just a nice feature to use in S1


Oh geez, I totally meant swimming. I’m on mobile and my autocorrect may or may not be controlled by a demon.


Hunters didn’t like the deep water… so it was removed… and with it… the tyrants…

sniff sniff…

.5 J/k



Monsters tracks still don’t appear in water either…


Ever seen a kraken fight the hunters on the beaches at distillery or orbital drill? These locations have huge impacts on how the fights take place.


nope never seen that. Its usually all on land and nothing with water. Especially with the new Dome it rarely happens that there is a lot of water in the dome.


Down with swimming :imp:


nooo… I’m a Monster player. I LOVE SWIMMING! :smiley:


Go join Sea World, then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta ask, why was swimming a gameplay element in the first place? It was insanely toxic and you couldn’t do anything in them :confused:


Enviromental Bonus for the Monster. Just like cliffs and all the round structures for Hunters.


Why is everything labeled as toxic? Personally I liked that you could have different areas that change the way you perform in the dome.


That’s the first thing I’ve ever labeled “Toxic” plus it’s just an opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

How much did you play Monster?


I played Hunter in competitive Legacy (Support/Trapper) more than Monster, but I mained Monster more than anything else outside of competitive.

True, it’s an opinion. But disagree with an idea, toxic doesn’t make sense. I feel everyone uses that word willy nilly for no real reason. I don’t like the color green. It’s toxic. Yes, that is an opinion, but it doesn’t really make sense either.


It was a gameplay element when I started at TRS, so I’m not sure how it really came about. I think it’s a result of having deep water for things like the tyrants, then wanting to make sure that if hunters end up in that water it makes sense (i.e. they swim)


I find it that way because it locked all weapons, if you were pushed into it you were slowed, for some reason I think you could drown in it if you were deep enough and you can’t place anything in water

It favored Monster more than Hunter and it was well “toxic”

:frowning: But that’s my favorite color…:stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe Jet Packs should have water traversal like turn Hunters into speed boats ala Super Mario Sunshine and Xenoblade Chronicles X!