Irony level- Over 9000


Just, just look at this.

I don’t normally encourage Mod abuse, but this is kinda funny.

(and yes I realize I made a post like this earlier, shut up)


You people look like TF2 right now.

Implying that only Team Fortress 2 players complain this often


He made a random thread where he insulted us. Well, not that being from the TF2 forum is an insult, but it was obviously ment in an offensive way. And since it have been discussed many times before and didn’t bring anything else to the table, it was closed.

I didn’t see any irony, either. Was it because the thread was named “the forum need more tough love” and it was near instantly closed? Not irony, really.


No, I understand the reason he shut down the post. And I also understand it’s not Irony in the truest sense of the word, I just found it humorous.


It is kind of ironic. He said the forums needed tough love and then he got tough love. :slight_smile:


Sometimes you should approach such threads the same way I did.

Such threads are considered as baiting or troll threads.

I simply approached his thread with a humour, that’s the answer you should expect when you create such thread.

SArais is often on the Steam forums too, I’m Moderator over there so we have long time relationship already. This kind of threads can be expected from him.

Being toxic isn’t going to change the community. Those “OMG IT’S OP” threads are needed to, why? Because sometimes they are constructive, and that helps a lot.

You want to improve the community by fixing those OP threads? Flag them so Leaders and Mods will take care of it, move into the specific threads or section.

Creating another topic isn’t going to change anything, while you’re considered as a toxic too.

I’ll now edit original post I made in that thread. I’ll edit it to something you give to a constructive member trying to contribute to the community.


I’m considered toxic now? Or did I read that wrong?


No, you’re not. Because you have been confused with the whole situation.

Discussion moderation being a toxic? Nah, not really. You aren’t really damaging anyone here so I agree with you. My action in that particular thread could be considered as “unprofessional” but what you should keep in mind is that I already knew the OP and we had our long relationship too.

When you open the thread in the mod’s view you can already see where the thread is going. Thread was simply going to get out of control, you lock it with the answer it deserves.


…I’ll leave now. :stuck_out_tongue:


This -

Yes, we do have quite a long relationship.

There’s also some hidden stuff from public I can’t show you unfortunately…


I know, I’m just kidding.

And that last but just makes this even funnier. :joy:


Yeah… I was going to say something about that but my self-preservation kicked in.


Don’t worry, THISaint won’t harm you if you follow forum rules. I think.