Ironic ? maybe not


“There’s nothing that pisses me off more than useless DLC,” says Turtle Rock Studios Creative Director, Phil Robb.
“It’s got to mean something – it’s got to add something significant to the game…

“The Monster skins will be available on launch day and the upcoming Hunters will be available as released.”

Does anyone else find these quotes ironic?
He’s talking about bringing significant value to the game and right after starts to explain the monster skins.
just an evaluation though, dont hate meh


Well, the monster skins at that time were good for camouflage


They’re cosmetics. They’re cheap and aren’t supposed to be useful. Who even cares?


I think what he defines as useless DLC (and I may be wrong) is when it’s behind closed doors. Like, stuff you can’t enjoy at all unless you payed.

Any DLC in evolve you can enjoy to some extend, even if you never payed. Skins included.


I was about to say something but @Bot beat me to the punch.


I’ve always enjoyed Evolves DLC plan. The skins, are only cosmetic. The coolest “skins” are the adaptions, and they’ll all be free.

Then even if you never buy any DLC, you’ll still get to fight against Behemoth and Gorgon. Making your game much more immersive. You’ll still have new Hunters on your team, to fight alongside. These add all kinds of strategic options, and extra depth to gameplay even if you don’t have the DLC yourself.

It never seperates the community, that was their goal and it worked perfect. You don’t need to buy maps, or game modes ever, and even if you have no DLC you can play with anybody, not like Call of Duty or Titanfall where they had map packs that seperates the players. Evolve had my favorite DLC plan from the start, and I still feel that way.


To those who already own that character.

But yes, technically free in some way.


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Well I doubt they’re going to drop adaptions for tiers 4 or 5 before they do for the origional 3 tiers. But I guess we’ll see.


Never said before the originals. Even though we’ve only seen 1 and know of 2. We should assume they’re going in tier order.

But if they do t4&5 adaptations, only those who own those characters will have adaptations


i see what your saying. (everyone) i just find it a little funny how he says that and then trs shoots out new skins every week or so


To be fair, 2K is in charge of marketing, not Turtle Rock. And they’ve got to make money somehow. Plus, they’ve given us so many free skins that I don’t see any problem with them selling some on the sides, they’re not necessary at all and purely cosmetic. I’ve bought all the Night Hunter ones, and many of the Monster and Hunter ones, just because they’re bad ass. :smiley:


Well the challenges help collect data and give the community a reason to play a certain way for a little bit. The reward is a skin.

How many wraiths did I see before the wraith challenge? Little. Now? Plenty. Lol


we saw one?


I’m only missing a few on both sides. I’ve spent ALOT of money xD


Meteor Goliath is a T1 adaptation. It was generally speaking


I feel you, I haven’t bought any recently, but I have almost all the Monster skins, and most of the Hunter skins up until the Victory skins. I bought all of those, but now I rarely use anything else besides Victory skins or Night Hunter. :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless I wana run my Phoenix medic skins. I like those.


They’re awesome.

The Maggie night Hunter skin is cool. But daisy looks weird depending on my mood. So I’ll switch to manhunter or something. Lol


Maggie Night Hunter is my favorite Maggie skin. :smile:
Daisy looks so crazy, I love how she glows on the drop ship.


I consider skins unlockables, not downloadable content. That being said, they aren’t really useless. People who want them can have them and if you don’t they don’t change your game.