Irish pub, what to drink

Hmm going into a irish pub today, I just don’t know which drink I should order :confused:

Bulmers, Guiness, Kilkenny, etc…

or I go with the save choice -> german beer
what would you suggest?

IRISH COFFEE. DO IT NOW. NOOOOOOOOOOW. :stuck_out_tongue: That stuff is GLORIOUS.

Haven’t been drinking out in a while. Maybe I’ll go sometime. >.>


not sure about it, I think my colleagues will laugh about me if I order coffee :older_man:

But I will give it a try as dessert :stuck_out_tongue:

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;-; You must!

Also…Never drink certain Australian beers…Just don’t. Trust me…

w00t they have beer? never heard about one. Could you name some? :smiley:

Edit: was a jk. I literally never heard about australian beer :open_mouth:

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Lol, we have normal beers. Toohey’s, Reschs, James Squire, St. Arnou, Hahn…List goes on. :smiley: I don’t drink often but when I do I have a certain…peculiar type of vodka that I take. It’s strange but glorious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Vodka the russian water” yeah mostly drinking vodka when I go out. But “long island icetea” is just the best alcoholic drink :wink:

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How bout XXXX gold and VB?

Yep, forgot those two. :smiley: Like I said, I don’t drink beer. Never liked it, and the one time I tried it…Eeeeeeeew…Never again, never again, never again.

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Haha, if you think beer is bad bad… Well my Dad used to be a shearer, and he worked with some aboriginals. One day they made a special drink for him and themselves… and the surprise ingredient was petrol… Yum.

I normally dislike the use of profanity, but…



If only I could’ve seen the reaction on my dad’s face… It would have been priceless.

When you can barely relate to the thread, because you’re under the legal drinking age.

ME - “Drink uh… beer!”

@MidnightRoses Ikr… :frowning:

Awww. Poor Videogamer954. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The legal drinking age? Do you guys have an illegal drinking age?

They mean the age at which it is legal to drink. Such is the term used here/there/wherever.

I figured as much. I just hadn’t heard of the concept until now. We can drink from the day that we are born in Denmark. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Luuuuuucky. :stuck_out_tongue: