iPhone 6 Bendable


So I saw this vid and was kind of WTF…

Seems like Apple included a new feature with the iPhone Plus/Bendable. Hope no one of you had to expirience this…

Here something to read, if you like:


I just had lunch with someone who had the iPhone 6. Not even the big one, the smaller of the two. While I didn’t try to bend it, I did hold it and it’s massive. I can’t imagine the 6+. Why the hell do you want a tablet as a phone? I don’t use my phone for much except phone calls, checking email, and the occasional Netflix if I’m waiting for something. I don’t need some huge device and I certainly don’t want something that requires cargo pockets to carry.


Im still confused on it. I saw someone do that on youtube and it pretty much broke it.


Good job apple. Don’t change.


You don’t know what you’re talking about. The new iPhone isn’t weak or bendable or easily broken. It has a curved screen! It is a magical device that – wait…Apple needs to sue Samsung ASAP. Samsung stole curved screen technology! That Samsung…always stealing things from Apple!


“Did you hear about those phones from Apple? They have curved screens. CURVED SCREENS!”


Another quality product from a society that intentionally makes its products to break down to keep consumerism machines of the market pumping with life. looks around NSA gonna snipe me some day.


Uh…I’ve had a Galaxy Nexus which is an old phone for 2 years now and the screen size 4.65 inches compared to the iPhone 6’s 4.7 inches. At that size is not even near a tablet. Maybe you should hold the Galaxy Note or iPhone 6+ and then notice that actual size difference.

My phone fits easily into normal pants so a regular iPhone 6 should do the same, with the addition of bending (at least my phone doesn’t do that lol).


I’ve got an iPhone 4s and even that’s too big. Wish it was a bit smaller. Man I loved the days of the little clamshell phones…


If they were small it would defeat the purpose of having a smartphone in the first place, they need the screen size for you to do stuff. I don’t want to read text or watch video on a 2.5 inch screen.


I don’t know much about Apple products since I never use them, but don’t they release only a few products every year? Wouldn’t people expect the quality to be higher since they mostly focus on a few products? I probably don’t know anything about how this stuff works, so I won’t say too many things about this. This almost seemed like it was an obvious problem if it was being tested. Reports started appearing 4 days after it released, from what I saw. Maybe it started earlier.


Seems like it isn’t affecting all iPhones. So far only 9 complains worldwide!


William Tell was just 500 years too early.


Seriously this is the most frustrating thing you can possibly imagine. I work at a RadioShack and every other person who comes in thinks this is a thing that happens all the time. That they’re built so cheaply that every one of them is getting bent or going to…

I’m not a big fan of Apple or it’s phones, but the 6 is by far the best one they’ve released to date and it gets Way too much flack for something that isn’t even a thing.

Consumer reports even did a bend test after this mess and turns out the new iPhones are above some phones that people have been bragging about being stronger than the iPhone and none of those have gotten crap for getting bent all the time!

sorry for the rant, just wanted to get that off my chest. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to mention that any phone will bend if you apply enough pressure.


What I heard was the real problem was that the phones were bending in people’s pockets during everyday activities that shouldn’t make a phone bend. Not sure if this is legitimately a problem, obviously phones will bend under pressure, the question is how much pressure is required to bend the phone and is it an absurdly low amount?