IPad Pro + Apple Pen + ProCreate


I am seriously considering this as an alternative to buying the Cintiq. Many artists already consider the Cintiq to be a staple of digital media for their careers but shlubs like me that remain just outside of the “career field” can’t justify the cost and thus shelved such ideas, keeping with our old Wacom tablets or pen and paper.

I was born a traditional artist that needed to learn how to go digital, and I personally could never quite console my inability to draw using a tablet. I have always had to first draw an image on paper and then scan that into my system to color it using the tablet and a really old copy of Photoshop, and an old Illustrator for outlining. Drawing an image directly into an art program was always beyond my ability and the Cintiq promised to eliminate that disconnect…for the low low price of about $1200-2,000. However, prices have been dropping on the smaller Cintiq model over the years to around $800 on Amazon now. Reasonable, but I still wouldn’t buy it since I wouldn’t make that money back in a year of selling artwork.

One thing I never quite understood was why Apple didn’t utilize a pressure sensitive pen for use with IPad, and that they were missing a golden opportunity. I’ve recently become aware that they indeed have tapped into the artists desires and have released a pressure sensitive pen, the Apple Pen, for use with the newest IPad…the IPad Pro, which comes in a larger size just shy of 13" which is around the size of the smaller Contiq…with a price tag at $725. That’s not a huge difference compared to the Cintiq BUT an IPad has it’s standard computational utility of housing IOS games and apps, as well as internet functionality, movie watching, web browsing etc. The Cintiq is and only can be used as a plug-in to your PC…an art pad, nothing more. It can’t be taken with you anywhere away from your PC. An Ipad I can take everywhere, enabling me to sketch on the road, in bed, outside, etc. So many times I’ve been stifled when it came to art because I had to sit with my desktop and only do art (at least the coloration part of it) there.

Of course, we have to add on the price of the Apple pen for this artistic wonderfulness to happen, and the pen is not cheap…at $100. The ProCreate app is about I don’t know…$5-10 which I’m not even bothering to add to the tally but it’s like Photoshop. But for all intents and purposes, I don’t see why I should get the Cintiq at this point. For the type of art I do, it looks like the ProCreate app with the IPad Pro and Pencil will suit my needs. I can’t justify a dedicated $800 art tablet but I CAN justify an updated IPad which comes with everything an IPad does on top of what the Cintiq offers.

I created this thread mainly to share this news I’ve found to other artists out there.


At one point a few years back I thought about getting a Wacom Tablet on the cheap end but quickly realized I never draw regularly and would rarely use it


But since I might plan on getting an iPad, I might pay for a pro so I can have this feature for drawing stuff whenever I might need to. Right now, my Paint.net skillz are O.K. but this feature is well worth the money.

iPad + Wacom =


I more of a hand drawer instead of a computer drawer. It makes it feel just a tad bit more accomplished to me. Haha, I know an animator who goes by the name of Hyun (Yun) and he draws with a tablet, his latest draw is this:
If you love a good laugh, stay through the entir video :slight_smile:


Pencil and paper 4 life <3

To be honest I’d love to get into drawing on a tablet… but… I have so many hobbies and kinda suck on the electronic side of art xD. Then again all I’ve used was a mouse and ms paint so what do I know. @SledgePainter if you’re gonna buy the Apple iPad pro wait till it goes on cartwheel at Target! You can some get as much as 15% off new tablets! I’m sure there are other good deals out there but just know they price match too :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the awesome work!



FYI, anything Apple related contact me. Have every single product since the beginning for real. I have the 1st gen iphone in a locked case hidden in my house :slight_smile:


Dude, I went to the Apple store closest to me which is like an hour away and they did NOT have the IPad Pro 12.9 inch and although they (probably) had the Apple Pencil they did not have any on display that I could try out. I would kinda like to try it before I buy it even though I pretty much feel like this would suit me well. I am so sad! My hubby had just, for business, traveled about 2 hours from here and went to an Apple store and he said the entire place was full of IPad Pros, the larger ones, with people playing with the Pencils on the screens to get a feel for them. One of his buddies at work even bought one just for note taking. I was like aww!

Sad panda…


Some people say using standard aps on the 12.0 pro screen makes them look cruddy…like putting a VHS onto your HD TV does now. How true is this because from what I can see on reviews between the two Pro sizes, I see little difference in app quality between apps not ideally suited to the larger size Pro. I mean, is it visibly bad like you see bitmapping and such? I know most aps are not optimized for 12.9" so I have to ask, since seeing it on a screen from a YouTube video is not the same as in real life and I was unable to verify anything at my local store since they didn’t have the 12.9 on display.

I have played some apps that were made primarily for IPhones and not yet optimized for IPads enlarged on the IPad screen…there was quality loss there such as I would play the game at the original screen size of the IPhone and not the IPad.


I’ve always been someone who draws and was given an old Wacom tablet from work. However, like you, I can’t translate drawing on the tablet. So, I do the same where I scan my drawings in and trace them in Illustrator.

This seems badass. Let us know how it works out.


Do you have a Lisa?


I will keep you posted for sure. I am chomping at the bit but I do still need to raise some extra monies for this. It’s so much extra work having to scan and re-trace your image. I take the lazy(?) route and have the vector from Illustrator trace my images for me to be honest, but I know that’s not ideal for everyone and it requires you having to ink your sketchwork first…so either way I guess you’re basically forced to re-draw it. It also prevents you from being able to color your outlines the way you want…I would love to have the ability to color my outlines! It’s standard in the field but…so much extra work when you can’t just draw into the program.


So, yes the quality will be low, but its very very hard to see. For example, for TVs, i cannot tell the difference from HD and regular channels, but my father can. It depends on how your brain process pixels and how detailed it looks into it. For me, I barely see any quality difference. If its only compatible with Iphone BUT is also available for Ipads (at a lower quality), I download any one because I can’t tell. Besides, the app will eventually become compatible with IPad Pro’s graphics. Its just takes time. Always go to the App Store Application and update your apps. Sometimes it says “Bug Fixes” but that also means a graphics update :slight_smile:

Now if the game is runned down with no update within 3+ months, there will most likely be no graphics update


Hmm…this makes me really want to see them side by side…which was my intention when I went to the store! UGH! I am one of those that can tell the difference between the DVD and Blu-Ray…don’t know why, I just can. Not that the DVD is bad quality…I just see much more detail in the BluRay. It COULD possibly be an artistic thing in me because I often study intricacies of things.

I am pretty sure I want the Pro…I’m just debating on the size now, though leaning on the 12.9 because the other artists say the additional spaces makes a world of difference if you don’t like always having to move your drawing around the screen. But, my dual purpose for the IPad is to play App games. Net browsing should be teriffic, and movie watching they say is phenomenal and the larger IPad Pro has serious speakers and a far better charger.


Surface Pro 4.


I do not require a keyboard. I don’t want a laptop unless it’s a gaming monstrosity that weights like 20 pounds, lol. :slight_smile:


Ah yes, your one of those “strange” peoples I hear about. Just kidding…

Yea for me, graphics I don’t care about. Well maybe a little but naw. So size wise. If you are going to use it for art purposes and draw, differently the bigger one. Its SUPER NICE. Now if your just going to use it for apllications like games, and typing, the smaller one. Save your money. Now, if you wait til August, you can get the student discount. It comes with a $100 ITUNES Gift Card + 10% off depending on where you live. The 10% is basically the taxes. THE PRO HAS GLORIOUS SPEAKERS! Beautiful sound. Charge last a very long time. My 2nd generation Ipad last about a month, if not used. I can imagine the improvements


We Apple users don’t stay in the past using a old fashion keyboard, oh no… We are all touch screen! [quote=“fdruid, post:13, topic:87617, full:true”]
Surface Pro 4.


You don’t have to buy a keyboard for a Surface, it’s an optional accessory. Exactly like with the iPad Pro.

You also might be interested in doing some research, you’ll find things like this all over the place: http://www.theverge.com/2015/11/19/9760460/ipad-pro-a-fanboys-remorse-a-fanboys-apology


I’m going to go out on a limb here and interpret this as sarcasm. I hope that’s the case.


Thats a negative