Invisible walls?


Seriously? Invisible walls? We’re still getting invisible walls in a triple A title. Anecdote:

I’m flying around as the Kraken. I’ve been thrown in as the monster with no perks. I hate this already. I hate being a monster but I’ll stick around because everyone needs someone to beat on.

So I’m not doing too bad. I make it to level two at least. I think this is a new map, its really foggy and a feels a lot smaller. The hunters close in and I start flying.

Right into an invisible wall. An invisible wall. Right in the corner of the map. I’m now cornered, stuck against an invisible wall, its not until I sink a bit do I notice the boundary signs.

Obviously, any game’s short comings would be revealed with fences every where. I get it. But to put an invisible wall in a corner like that, on a new very small feeling map just screams lazy. Lazy and cheap.

These new maps, while free, feel really lazy and cheap. And invisible walls are unacceptable. Adding fog does not create the illusion of depth. It just makes it hard to see. Duh, I mean, c’mon. And then fog until I run into… and invisible wall. Seriously. C’mon bro, c’mon.


What map? and do you by chance have a screenshot of the area?


May I add that I once came across invisible walls at various choke-points as behemoth where there usually aren’t any. In my case it was Barracks.


I’d have to go through what the PS4 filmed, I’ll keep an eye on it. As soon as I hit this wall, I ragequit-ed.

I’m sitting in a dark room with stupid looking glasses (3D) on and surround sound all for the sake of immersion. Invisible walls are a bat to the nuts.


My point is that there are a million other ways to restrict my movement. An invisible wall with no explanation and a sign maybe 1/4 my standing height, tops?

I didn’t see this sign until my face was being shoved into it. Did I mention I hate invisible walls?


I don’t care if you have gnomes manifest in front of me, hit me on the wrists with rulers, tell me I’ve been a bad monster, and escort me back to maps by my tentacles,

It would still be better than an invisible wall.


Broken Hill Foundry

Awful small, and awful foggy. With invisible walls that piss me off enough to reply to myself four times. Four times.


the weather effects are there to make it hard to see not simulate depth…


Either way, the map is painfully small and I ran into an invisible wall.