Invisible walls doomed my Behemoth. Video


I was doing well and on the way to a stage 1 win when I encountered multiple invisible walls. Walls that kept me from fleeing or going up walls to reach hunters. Not just one invisible wall but multiple walls. I was completely doomed and very frustrated.


Wow. I’ve never seen that before. It’s like the old dome walls weren’t being raised. That’s just garbage.


It’s a rare bug and I don’t know what triggers it, but entering sneak mode once should reset your collision box.


Never seen that one and I hope I never do.


Happened twice to me. Wanted to capture it but as soon as i tabbed out it was fixed. So sneaking indeed seems to solve it.


That looks fun. /sarcasm


Happened to me and cost me a win too. Soo lame


I feel for ya bro, this has happened to me too many times, I’ve lost so much because of it.


This is why when I see a monster bugging and they become defenseless, I stop attacking them. I wouldn’t want to win that way. I’ve taken the dome down as trapper just because the monster suddenly became unable to fight for a brief moment and let him escape. The rest of the team was mad as hell, but that’s just not good sportsmanship.


This happened to me once and it was stupidity frustrating. I think it has somthing to do with stasis effect, I was literally a mime Behemoth stuck in a small invisible mini-dome.


Had the same issue after evolving in the Weather Control caves to stage 2 as Behemoth near the building by the Tyrant. Afterwards i literally couldn’t go through any tunnel nor the exit in the north to get out. I was effectively stuck and got pummeled to death by the soon after arriving Hunters. And there was no prior dome, no slowing effects or anything on me. Headed right for the caves without being engaged by the Hutners once until I evolved there.


Had this happen to me about a month ago on Medlab, i couldnt leave the relay area after i got to stage 3, nor would it allow me to damage the relay. After darting around for about 6 minutes dodging hunter damage it eventually fixed itself, almost lost because of it.


I have had it happen to me, could have cost me a game (I lost, but I say could have because it was equally likely the hunters winning or losing really)
It seams to happen to me right when I kill the trapper after the dome has started to go down naturally.


Been happening on all monsters since the patch. Sneak mode seems to fix it atleast. It pops up a lot when I evolve. Less often otherwise but it still happens.


A monster I recently fought experienced this on Fusion Plant as well. He accused us of hacking and creating invisible walls to cheese a win.

I’ll have to remember the sneak thing next time a monster tells me it happened to him.


That would be good and fair… But oh wait there is no cross team chat!


I had this happen to me and it kept me in an extremely small area, I lost a game I was already dominating. Glad to know that sneak fixes it, but hopefully I won’t have to remember that by the time they fix it.


I also had this happen to me a loooooooong time ago. Played against @MedicAndy and @SledgePainter in Defend. Killed my poor Goliath :sob:


Here’s another video of it happening, recorded by the streamer Kashbryant. I made a thread about it earlier, but no one seemed to have any interest or been experiencing the problem.

In your video, it looked like your behemoth had trouble touching the ground and was kinda floating above the terrain. I think the hitbox / collision size seems to increase all around the behemoth.


I meant post-match if it occurs to them again… :stuck_out_tongue: The match it happens in is still borked, but they’ll know for future reference.