Invisible walls bug


Here’s yet another bug, yet another loss to a bad team:

Invisible walls. Could not move at all:


Do you have a timestamp so we know where to look :P?
edit; Alright I see it, at 1:58 or so.


That’s weird, it’s like it thought you were too big to fit between the environment objects or something.

@Shaners @MajorLeeHyper


Yep. Starts at 1:58. Seems like there is a wall there. They I tried going the other ran into a wall by the building, then I run towards the beach, another wall. Then later, I climb on one of the rocks and end up on the other side of the first wall.


I had this once on PC, I have NO idea why, I was playing Abe on refueling tower, ran through the door on the left hand side and suddenly

This was pre-patch however, and I -never- encountered it again. So I guess you’ve proven it still exists o.O


Thre was another video, maybe or reddit, where a Behe had a similar issue of being stuck inside relay on Dam. Also post patch.


welcome to the club. i just took a loss to a really, REALLY bad team because of crap mechanics, invisible walls and glitched animations.