Invisible Text


I use the mobile edition of the forums a lot, and the text has become practically invisible to see when looking at a thread title. Could this be fixed? I remember at one point the mobile edition had a white background and that made it a lot easier to see the thread names


Same here I can’t read any title for a thread


It’s hard to use the forums on a night when it’s dark, most of the time my brightness is on low and you just can’t see anything


That is weird. We’ll look into it. Thanks for letting us know guys!


This is what it looks like


Mine’s exactly the same


Forum already knows how to hide! :smiley:


FYI, we submitted a bug to the Discourse guys on this. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.


That’s great. Thanks a lot, man


Should be resolved now!


It is! Thanks!


Thanks for fixing it :slight_smile: