Invisible monster without hud


Sorry for my english. I am from Russia.

Аfter a search of the game, I came to respawn monster, but I could not jump, walked slowly , and I did not have HUD. I could use a flair (Right Click Mouse), birds reacted to me, but I was invisible for hunters, they ran past me. Also harpoons trapper hitched me.

After I turned the game that would run record video, returning , I had a bot monster, he killed hunters and win the game. I enrolled points per game monster.

I did not do screenshots. But i have two videos.

YouTube Part 1

YouTube Part 2


I had this happen to me, I ran next to the bot monster with this glitch, and was accidentally killed by the hunters firing at the monster. This then put me into a 3rd person view of the monster, much like when you join a match in progress and I was told I can press X to take control of the monster.


Exactly that happen to me aswell.