Invisible Monster Glitch- Two times in a row. Sort of. Ish. I dunno


Playing with @Shin today, we jumped into a match on Wraith Trap. Monster called for a restart, and we obliged. Turns out he had the glitch where you spawn as an invisible, weird, thing, or whatever. With next to no health. Next round was fine- then we hopped into a match with @ToiletWraith and her friend. Surprise surprise, same glitch. This time we killed him- :smirk: -I clipped him with my Railcannon.

Don’t you dare Shin, I saw the hitmarker!

Next round was fine but I doubt it’s as random as we thought seeing as we had it twice so soon.


Of course not, it was all you Rose. You carried the team.


And now he’s being a snide little brat. :wink:

Also, note: My Damage Amp locked on to him. I used it to line up my Railcannon shots. Although I think ToiletWraith’s toxic was what did him in, but something to note anyway.


No! It was you Rose! :confounded:
Accusing me of being mean to you. :cry:


I had this same glitch against Goliath yesterday on xbox. Was a join in progress as maggie Vs. A stage 3


Funnily enough we butchered the AI Monster in like three minutes.

ToiletWraith is a scary Hyde. ;w;



Lol. It was a pleasure playing with such a good Hyde, I love Assaults who make use of my Amp.


Thats what I like to see ;W;
Captain lookin’ out for his men :3


I had it 3 times now just with wraith and the enemy team was refusing to vote restart had to take 3 losses together with a dc that my only loses… i hate that this game is full of bugs killing my W/L ratio


had that bug happen
you can slightly interact with the map
drag bodys with eat
startle birds
You can fix that bug by dieing either from being shot or hit by monster or standing in acid water.
then you spectate the monster and can press x when to take over like you normally do.