Invisible Leap Smash Range

Part of me thinks this is intentional and the rest of me hopes it isn’t. I get hit by almost every leap smash thrown my way, even if I jet away. Towards Goliath or away the range for leap smash is far outside of the orange dot that you see.

I’ve always had the opposite problem. My leap smashes not registering.

I have that problem when I play as Goliath but never when I fight him.

Maybe it’s lag. I live in the middle of the pacific, so it’s entirely possible that lag is a factor.

it’s not invisible … you have to aim it for a very long time to appear longer then before

another problem : Leap smash sometimes doesn’t do damage

They made the radius much smaller than what it was, and it seems they made it shorter. I miss 50% LS now because of this. The aiming graphic does not align with the aiming graphic.

I know you have to hold it down. You misinterpreted my post