Invisible hunters


I’m not sure what is causing this to happen, but for the second game in a row tonight ( as of 2/16/2015 ) I’ve faced invisible hunters. One game I joined in and took control of the kraken and soon realized that all 4 hunters were clearly invisible. I could see the lightning gun arcing from out of no where and hurting me, and same with taking damage from players that were clearly invisible.
Second game I could see three of the characters but couldn’t see the support. I managed to evolve to stage 3, with full health and shield, and killed those three visible hunters till the point they were on the 2 minute respawn. However the support class I couldn’t see. This player was playing the character BUCKET and he constantly was laying down drones to shoot me and I could do nothing but destroy his brand new turrets he kept laying down. Eventually I tried sneak attacking and managed to grab this invisible player and started doing damage, but his turrets saved him from my pounce and I lost him until I ended up dying from it.

to be quite honest this bug IS GAME BREAKING. I can say right now that I will not be playing EVOLVE if this bug isn’t fixed because there are going to be players that figure out how this bug works and will ABUSE THE HECK OUT OF IT. I’ve read other forum threads and posts and apparently this bug has persisted through the beta and into the released game and quite honestly is disappointing to see that TURTLE ROCK has yet to come up with an answer to this.


Generally bugs like this can’t be abused because they aren’t player-triggerable- that would be an exploit. This is just a rather rare and unfortunate glitch. I know it sucks to lose because of a bug, but I don’t think you should react this much. I doubt you’ll encounter it again.

Good luck, have fun.


Well out of the few games I’ve played it’s happened twice in a row. I’ve played maybe 10 games tonight and so a solid 1/5 of those games are to the point where I’d have to quit. Yeah if it happens VERY rarely I can justify playing the game still, but IT IS a game breaking glitch if this happens as often as it happened tonight. I wouldn’t mind loosing a game due to an unfortunate glitch, but loosing games due to a bug abuse is completely different. Not playing a game because the enemy team is glitched either by a random error in the game or by their own exploits seems like a good reason to not want to play especially understanding the competitive nature of the game.

From other posts or threads it seems like this problem CAN BE player triggered by apparently equipping skins from downloadable content. Either way my point is it needs to get fixed, I don’t wanna enter into any percentage of my games and have to back out because of player’s I won’t be able to kill, and I don’t think it’s an over reaction to say that especially with how long it takes for my self to find decent games to play. The fact that it happened twice in a row is more than enough for me to get concerned with it happening again.

I only post this thread so it can get out there, and YES it is disappointing that this bug has persisted for this long. It almost reminds me of what happened with AC UNITY. Known bugs and glitches that were literally game breaking persisted through until release and they still released the game. I love playing evolve and so naturally I’d write a post to get this issue fixed as fast as possible. I don’t find it harsh and I don’t find it an over reaction to state that I wouldn’t wanna play the game if this keeps happening at the rate it’s happened tonight. There is already a list of other " rather unfortunate " glitches I’ve ran into in just the past few days that make playing the game frustrating, and this one tops the list.