Invisible Hunters/Monsters. No, not support cloak or decoy


For the last 3 games in a row, I have encountered invisible players. 2 games as the monster, joined in progress to find that only 1 or 2 of the hunters were visible, they were untouchable, left no footprints, but were able to freely fire on me, however they left no weapon trail, or particles, one must have been hyde as i was on fire, and i could see the medgun healing the visible support player. this bug makes the game essentially impossible to win as I cannot attack the generator, and can’t kill the hunters, thus leaving no point to actually play. this happened as the hunters as well, invisible kraken. the only thing I can connect between these matches are are that I joined them in progress.
Xbox One, Digital Download, 2/21/2015.
I played this game last night with no such error, perhaps a patch or update was released?


I had a recent issue on xbox one that was similar. I came in as Kraken and couldn’t see all of the hunters. I got domed but couldn’t see who I was facing and all hunters weren’t in the dome with me but I still couldn’t see a trapper. Constantly got shot, still saw nobody and it was in a very tight space. I assumed support was helping cloak but they stayed invisi the whole dome time. Then it dropped and I continued fighting the Assault and Support (Bucket). I down bucket while someone is still invisi shooting me with an automatic firing weapon. Val was their healer so it wasn’t Laz. I downed and KILLED Bucket so there was no reason I shouldn’t be smelling another hunter. Constantly running around things to break LoS and still no help. Is this a bug or what’s going on?


This is a rendering connection issue with the xBox servers on microsoft’s side. There isn’t a fix that can be performed until Microsoft finds the issue, fixes it, and gives the Evolve devs the data to look at.