Invisible Hunter


Just got placed in a game where I took over Wraith. Medic and Trapper were invisible throughout the entire game. Consistently camped bodies (because apparently they had Laz) and saw Stasis Nades fly through the air but no hunters appeared.

I mean I knew the game was tailored towards hunters more and more but this… (That was a joke fyi)


i had a game where even the monster was invisible! but it can work when you let the bot play for a short time and take over the bot again.


I had this too but it’s managable as a hunter. You see the flamebreath and stuff like that plus tracks. It’s weird but managable. But a perma invisible Lazarus is… Just… horror.


thats true^^ i was called hacker once because i was invisible without knowing and i was just wondering why the monster starts evolving right in front of me and nobody is with me to shoot him down and the monster was just punching arround him and i thought “wow slims spore launcher is beast” and after i was called a hacker because i was invisible i was like “oh now that makes sense”^^


Yet to see this one Platform?