Invisible Gorgon


This was unfortunate for the hunters that played against me. A bug that turned my Gorgon invisible, except for the eyes and the little worm crawling around in the air. Hunters voted for a round reset, which I did, and it still did not fix the issue. Link to video below.


Ok couple of questions as this looks like a shader issue.

  1. Did this occur on the first 2.01 patch (the one that was messed up) or has it been fixed as of the latest update?
  2. If it is still occurring for you can you try to Verify Integrity of Game Cache?


I hadn’t really been following the patch stuff until right when this happened, but I’m 99% sure it was the first 2.01 patch. In which case, it’s probably been fixed already. I did play a game later after the roll back and after 2.01 was fixed and things seemed to be good again. Thanks!!!


Glad to hear enjoy the game :grinning:


This is still happening as i play against gorgons…this Monster needs to be deactivated until its fixed because more and more gorgons are getting streaks off of this glitch. Going to try validating cache and updating drivers.
Edit: validating cache worked