Invisible Evolve [Meteor Goliath]


Yay! Moar bugs!

While playing a custom with some friends, I was playing Meteor Goliath. I went to evolve nearby and the trapper could see my evolve spot but I wasn’t there and the Goliaths roar was heard from across the map. I reappeared immediately as my Evolve was finished.

(This bug has already been reported through the Issue Reporter)


@ArPharazon @MrStrategio

another invisibility bug guys. doesn’t seem to be as extreme as the other, but still an issue


…Definitely a rational reaction…


Are you really surprised with the amount of things that get changed and added during TUs? With adding new chatacters, changing maps, and even fixing bugs, there is the risk of a new bug appearing, or an old one appearing for new reasons.

Some bugs are really rare, and so hard to replicate to start fixing (invisibility ones for example. Never had them, even though people say they’ve been around since beta. How many games since beta actually had the bug happen in them? 0.1%? Less? Not very good odds for replicating, especially if you don’t know the cause…


I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to say. What I do know is that I have run into more old and new bugs more than I had prior to this patch. I’m not slighting TRS; I realize that these kinds of things happen. It’s just disappointing to see the old ones crop back up more than the new ones.


What I’m saying is that a specific bug can be caused by many different reasons. Take bodies falling through the map. That bug has come and gone. Each time it was fixed, it fixed the issue from one cause, but there were ~4-5 different causes over the time period. They had to do investigations to see what part of the code was causing the issue to happen in each instance, as most likely, the patch from before was still working strong.

From the player’s point of view, these bugs are “old” bugs, because we’ve seen the consequences before. But from an expert’s point of view, they are “new” bugs that have similar outcomes.

As an example, a runny nose is a runny nose. However, the cause of it can be varying from an allergic reaction, various different types of viruses, to crying too much, or even something you ate. In much the same way, bugs can be caused by many different things, and a fix for one will not work if the cause is one of the others.

Basically, I just don’t like it when people say “Oh this bug is still here, it’s been here since day 1”. Yes, it may have been (if it wasn’t fixed in between the instances). But finding the cause of a bug is not easy. They need to be able to replicate the bug on their end to be able to find the cause and fix it. If the bug is rare, it’s not going to be easy to recreate (especially if there are no details on where to start). They have a limited number of stations to dedicate to replicating a bug. We have thousands of players, who will play however many games in a month. If you compare the numbers, of course, the community will have a better chance of finding bugs. It’s simple probability.

BTW This isn’t entirely directed at you, it’s more of a general feel I get from some people that report a bug. I wish some people could think about the challenges that go into these sorts of things, but I guess not everyone can.


Alright… I mean I appreciate the insight, honestly I do. But are you explaining this to me because I sarcastically said “more bugs”?

I won’t lie, I’ve complained with some friends about the problems, but I haven’t created an entire post on the forums about it because I don’t feel the need to. I just report the bugs (with a touch of sarcasm when it’s right) and move on.

On the topic of your discussion: I do realize how difficult this might be to fix these issues, it’s not my place to ridicule or slight the hard work they put in because of a bug, however rare or isolated it is. I have no clue how their code works, let alone what it looks like. So again, I appreciate the insight and I would like to talk more about this, but I simply don’t know enough to continue.

I’ll be sure to keep what you said in mind as I find and report another bug :smile: