Invisible EMET



Erm… Only his face and forearm(weapon) was visible. I first noticed it in the dropship but I was suprised and forgot t screenshot, these are the best I got where I told him to stand still


Ohhhhhhhhh, it’s the Hopper Slim bug. That’s my favorite.


Hopper Slim Bug?

oh this?


Yeah, it’s a bug that fucks up characters for some reason.

Hyde becomes nothing but a flamethrower and two fuel tanks, Emet becomes a face and a hand, Crow’s whole body turns sandpapery, Cabot quite literally becomes Bucket, and Slim… Well, uh…

I think you can see why this is my favorite. :joy:

Edit: Yeah, that.



Yep, let’s keep this in the above linked Topic
Thank you for reporting the bug :slight_smile: The Devs are aware and looking into the issue