Invisible Behemoth ( VIDEO )


Not sure why this happened but you can see we kill the invisible monster and then the monster was able to spawn in and come to us.

Also in the beginning of the hunt Gobi would screech like he found the monster but would not mark anything because there was no monster to mark lol


I am suspecting this is a glitch that has something to do with Observer mode. Just a theory.


It is possible lol
Im not sure if this video will help them fix it but i thought i should post it just in case it can help.


That’s a baby behemoth. They start off as little pebbles, then gather rocks and debris like a katamari ball.


LMAO! They need to make a spinoff game combining behemoth and Katamri lol


I’ve seen this glitch with goliath before, except without the invis. But the abilities, no health etc from the monster sounds the same to something that happened to me.