Invisible armor and HP + no cocoon while evolving (screens)


I was stage 2 so I evolved into stage 3 (NO COCOON, HMM, INTERESTING)

I don’t care, going to eat some food… the hell, where is my armor?

Still no armor?

Ok another try… fck still nothing.

When I fought them I realized it’s only visual bug cuz I didn’t loose HP and won…

Btw look at my body, I’m stage 3 Kraken in Stage 2 body :-DD

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Oooo sexy kraken! Did it work when you turned it off and played it later?



Beat me to it! Clearly the kraken was trying to keep the weight off for swim suit season :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s a visual glitch that I’ve experienced far too often. It basically freezes before you Evolve for a second. That health is your previous Stage health as well. To solve it just take a break.



Ok fine but I didn’t post it for you guys but for developers and hope they will fix it asap. :))

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Yeah so do I it’s annoying having to waste your time taking a break or engaging in a fight not knowing your actual health and armor.



To fix this problem -Pause and click take a break. Then after that you can take back over and your health and armour will be back.



Tell to the developers how they should solve this problem, not to me. :slight_smile: I know how, but they need to know, ok?