Intrusive Dome HUD


Anyone else sharing this opinion?

It’s actually making this game less noob-friendly than ever in my opinion even though the whole point of this update was to do the opposite.

If you get near the Monster you get this HUGE popup saying:


Except there’s plenty of reasons you shouldn’t.
What if that player is all alone, far away from his teammates?
What if the Monster is coming after the Hunters?
What if the Monster simply engages the Hunter at the Power Relay?

I can think of many scenarios where you simply shouldn’t dome the Monster just yet, and having this giant “PRESS <> TO DOME THE MONSTER!” popup on the screen that refuses to go away until you throw the dome is teaching new players very, very bad habits and actually makes playing with said players extremely difficult.


I think it’s a can’t have both moment. You want to teach them that they need to dome the monster for the game to work amd play as intended.

It’s sort of a compromise. The best you can do is be helpful amd gove the newbs some advice as you play.


Honestly they should just give the dome back to the Trapper. Yeah it sucks when a trapper doesn’t know how to trap well but that is just a part of the game that they learn like all of the other classes.


This seems like just another way to say that hold the dome is a part of the past. It might not always be pretty, but it’ll be what separates the good from the bad. Pretty sure that any new player will quickly learn from this mistake and not do it again.

No. Just no. A bad Trapper used to be able to ruin the game for everyone. Now you just get a player who isn’t as useful as the other players, but can still contribute in his way.


I think that the nuance comes with time, at this stage the vast majority of monsters and hunters are at a level where just doming the monster anywhere is actually fine.


I agree, part of my concern came from just how big and unignorable the prompt can be at times and for people who know how and when to dome the Monster just fine on their own, it’s a surprisingly high amount of screen space they’re giving up, especially with it being at the center of the screen.

I’m loving the rest of the update so far.

True, but I don’t consider holding the dome for evolves the same thing as holding the dome for when the Monster doesn’t want to be trapped.
The whole hold-the-dome thing was toxic, but I don’t really think waiting for the Monster to run before you throw a dome is equal to that. Without in-depth tutorials, I do believe that this batch of new players won’t learn when not to throw the dome anytime soon.
They’ll see this huge prompt telling them to do so, and so naturally they will do so.

The game might be a little casual-friendlier than before, but having 1 teammate dome the Monster on his own 300m away from the rest of his team is still a sure way to lose a match.

At the moment it’s like that game where you gotta press the red button several times, then all of a sudden it sneakily says “don’t press the red button” while presenting you with this huge button that you feel urged to click on.