Hello everybody just thought I’d sign up and part of the evolve community!

Let’s see im hispanic, 23 years old, I worked as a baker for about 1 year and a half. then decided to quit due to night jobs being exhausting as fuck. Now i’ve got a day time job and have been playing evolve in the afternoons, Im looking to play competitively and then one day that ESL spot.

I’m semi diverse on the characters I play for evolve.

Assault - Markov / Lennox
Trapper - Jack / Maggie
Medic - Val / Caira
Support - Hank / Bucket

Trying to become one of the top Jack players, but my current 77 deaths will be hard to catch up to since I never took the game to seriously till I one day decided I actually did want too.

if anyone wants to talk I’m on multiple social medias


Now that’s what I like seeing.

Anyways welcome to the forums :smile:


Welcome friend! I hope you enjoy it here! :smile:

Also, you should check this thread for new users:

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Why’s that? I thought Caira was actively played :smiley:


He loves Caira :smile: Same way I love Bucket!! :bucket_cute:

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What @Sentry_Gun said. :stuck_out_tongue:


Jack owns all sorry to say he’s an overall better conversationalist too :wink:

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Welcome to the forums!