Introduction to Wompy


Hey! My name is Wompy. My best friend is @videogamer954 and he has been telling me all about evolve and I really want to play it… If somebody could converse with me and/or show me the basics that would be great! :slight_smile: Anyways… Bye!



Yep. I was tagged in this… While I was doing our work for health class :laughing:

I see @Wompy… I’m not good enough for you…


Aah… Fresh subjects…
I mean, welcome!
What platform are you on :smiley:


@ToiletWraith Actually… I do not have evolve but my friend @videogamer954 has been hyping me up to play it… just need to come over soon >.<


Aha… Well I hope to see you soon if you choose to become one of us. I’d be happy to play some with you and show you the ropes- If you uh… Choose PC. :B


@ToiletWraith I don’t have Xbox One, PS4 or a Computer… i’m saving up for a PC, though…


I am so sorry @videogamer954 we are so far away (3 seats)


DON’T WORRY GUYS! I’ll train him well. (Forum-Wise) I promise he won’t gain my unhealthy obsession over Orrion Terrorsaurs… Or Transformers… Or dinosaurs… Or… (Continues talking to self for over 30 minutes)


We’ve all got obsessions. ;3


[quote=“videogamer954, post:8, topic:56119, full:true”]
Or dinosaurs…[/quote] Already happened… You and your Jurassic World hype is contagious!


Shush Now, Little One. That is a post that I am planning up for the next week or two.


[quote=“videogamer954, post:11, topic:56119”]
Shush Now, Little One. [/quote]

The beans have been spilled! STICKY THIS POST!


You training him in relation to that thread too?

Also @Wompy
This thread shows the syntax you can use on the forum to get the special effects

Edit: sorry, thought I had put it in
also I mean stuff like this


Which thread, and what special effects?


The thread he linked, and Italics, bold, and a lot of stuff like that xD


I’m kinda tired so I forgot to link it originally


You should watch MaddCowQQ channel. He does weekly coaching for evolve and has videos up where he tells very good tips when playing. It may be a little more advanced then what you need if your still learning the basics.


lol No problem dude! I just saw your edit after I posted my reply.


Welcome to the forums. Don’t do that.

If you’d like to PM me I can teach you all the basic stuff you need to know to ensure survival.


[quote=“Rapterror, post:19, topic:56119”]
Don’t do that. [/quote]

Okay. Sorry.