Introduction and Question about Timing For the Devs


I noticed a lot of people doing intros. I figured, why not, since I plan to stay here and chat w/everyone :smile:

So, if anyone’s into anime, my name is from an OC I made for Bleach. I used to own/play my very own RPG Bleach game, but mine had to shut down, and my friend’s got stale so I quit. I game quite often in my spare time. I built a mega-monster PC in February expressly so I could play Evolve in Ultra >:)

The Question for the Devs: I know you’re not allowed to reveal anything about the things you haven’t shown until “x” time passes or the game drops.

But thinking on a similar path, can you reveal to us when you’re allowed to reveal such information?
for example: Look out for more info on the newest tier of monster/hunters coming in august.


I don’t think you’ll get any solid answer to this question, though I will say that I’d recommend looking towards PAX Prime. Seems the most likely event to reveal more content unless they do what they did at E3 and reveal new hunters/map about a week before, then the monster at Prime.


First of all, welcome! And we’re pretty much all into animé here ourselves, we even have our own thread on it here:

But anyway, Brandini is right here, we can all look forward to what’s at PAX Prime later on, it’s a little closer to the release date too and by that time people would have played the Alpha, gotten a good feel for the game and TRS would probably want to reveal the final four Hunters and/or Monster there and then! Fingers crossed though!


I’m not really expecting anything other than “nah man” and then some kind’ve cool joke or segue.
But if you don’t try, then you can’t succeed. :slight_smile:

When is Pax Prime btw? If E3 weren’t right on my birthday, I wouldn’t even know when that was D:


Hey that’s how I roll anyway! :wink:

Anyways, I think PAX Prime is between August 29th and September 1st but all the details you need to know are listed here:


thanks! I appreciate the extra help!


"Look for more info on the newest tier of monster/hunters coming SOOOOOOOON*

*representing and ambiguous time-frame"






see, that I expected. But, you can’t really blame me for trying, can you? xD


As @DamJess has said before " Here at TRS we don’t speak in absolutes " so it would be very surprising if they actually did come out with something other then Soooon™


I’m nearly positive she didn’t say that until after I made this introduction for myself.

But I can’t say I blame them for that either. I understand their position on the matter, so I don’t make unrealistic demands of them. it’s easier for everyone that way.

an aside: you must be really bored if you’re leafing through 3-month old intros xD


Haha its sad I know, boredom can do strange things to a man.


Yea, as a consumer, it can seem a little wishy-washy, but I completely get it. When I was a kid, I would always ask my mom to go to the store and she would say, we’ll go tomorrow. Then she wouldn’t be able to go and I would be devastated. She quickly learned to tell me that we “might” go tomorrow. No one likes being let down over something they were very much excited about :slight_smile:


So hypothetically speaking, you may be able to tell us when the big alpha ‘might’ be done by? :stuck_out_tongue:
Wait a sec… Why am I even asking!? I already know the answer…