Introducing Turrets and Vehicles in this Game?


In Left 4 Dead, there are maps where the finale has at least turret that can be used against the zombies or tank when they arrive.

Should Evolve also have maps with turrets and vehicles to make it more diverse and fun?

We could implement some setbacks in order to prevent overpoweredness by placing turrets in vulnerable locations, or making vehicles be so cumbersome that they are restricted only to roads.

And of course, when I mean vehicles, it would certainly be nice if there is something as epic as this:

Or turrets as epic as this:


Yeah no, hunters have enough things as it is, they really dont need more


yea man… using a death star to kill a monster is totally not over kill. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, perhaps they can add more setbacks to the turrets; like having limited ammunition.

It kind of adds diversity to the game without having to add new hunters, since they are easier to finetune and balance.


How powerful would they be? I just feel as though monsters that get are punished by a turret for reaching stage 3 wouldn’t really be fair, we reached stage 3, we’re meant to have an advantage, not have a piece of it taken away from us


You just don’t like us hunters, do you? ^.-


Of course not, you keep shooting me while im just trying to have a nice meal :crying_cat_face:


You dine in humans as well!


Only when the mean bald man with a scary hand is around >_>


I could see them being used in different Gamemodes down the road, but as for the Gamemodes we have currently, I don’t think they would work


‘Call in the Death Star to blow up Shear and win the game’


The maps would have to be alot bigger imo and it’d be cool if you could customize the drop ship.


I want to ride on BUCKET’s head.



It just doesn’t make a lot of sense from different design standpoints. The most important of which is balance, but others are related to map size and structure.


Only if monsters can hijack them


Goliath blazing away on a turret, as his fire breath lays waste to the ground before him. Yes. A million times yes, if only in a cinematic.


Isn’t that guy from the Red Alert 3 intro at 4:27?


I could see turrets as a map effect. They could be scattered around the map for the hunters to jump on if they had won a previous round in evac.


I think @Brandini would probabky second these turret choises