Introducing the new Dev Tracker button!


Hey everybody!

I know it’s typically a staple of video game message boards, but given that Discourse is such a new platform we had to do a little custom plugin work to build this feature. But without further ado, I introduce you to the Dev Tracker button:

It’s an easy way to filter out recent Activity from TRS Developers for those of you who like to stay on top of the conversations we’re participating in.




I saw that recently :stuck_out_tongue:


already used it many times :3


its good to see your forums becoming a nicer place to be XD

could u add a pole category? something that users and devs can easily see the stats of the community. it would have a preset-up format:

  • a question
  • multiple choice answers
  • all the results up on or before the first post
  • other than that its a normal thread

a good example is what system or systems you are getting evolve for.
at the moment there is a topic of this but there is no tally of who wants what. so, its hard to get reliable conclusions from it.

things are nice when there automatic.


This forum does not have Polls yet because it was pulled from Launch by the developers due to still having too many bugs and flaws. Note that I am speaking of the Discourse development team and not Turtle Rock Studios.

Keep in mind that this forum platform is very new and many features we may all be accustomed to on other forum software are “in the works”.


Actually… We’ve somewhat silently rolled out polling features ;). We’ll throw a poll up after PAX for you guys to introduce the feature and how to use it. But that’s to say, if you guys don’t figure it out before then :P.

Fair warning, it could be buggy still (one of the reasons we haven’t posted one yet). It’s very new to Discourse.


Is that an official Discourse feature or a TRS touch?

Maybe you guys can look into the reply button? I’ve noticed several times that while attempting to reply to a specific person it does not display so all of the time.

For example, there are three types of replies:

  1. The thread reply (red button at bottom)

  2. The personal reply (grey button under each specific post)

  3. The reply as new topic link

In this case, I am referring to option 2. When clicked, sometimes it displays “in reply to unsername” and sometimes it does not.

Edit: I suppose this should be moved to the bugs forum if verified as such.


That’s interesting feedback. The Discourse guys actually read our board, so I’d tag them so they can take a look at what you’re describing: @eviltrout @codinghorror @Kris


Replies directly under, when the reply count is only one, are suppressed. Otherwise the page gets extremely noisy and hard to read.

Also do not test here please, use if you want a sandbox to play in.


I didn’t even realize this! Thanks for the clarification Jeff :smiley:



I am considering discourse for a video game related forum of my own.
Might I ask how/where you implemented this plugin? (It’s just a link to the developer user group, right?)


Could you please share how you made this change to Discourse? Is it available as a plugin?


You can ask on meta.discourse, it is an ultra-simple plugin that adds a link to the topnav.