Introducing: Renegade Abe and Overpowered - Update 2.06 - LIVE NOW!

New Assault: Renegade Abe

New Map Variant: Overpowered

  • Weather control has gone full OP! Alongside a new lighting pass, Weather Control now is home to a new Map Variant known as ‘Overpowered’
  • The details on how the mode works is below:


New Store Content

  • Renegade Abe
    • Weapon Skins (Wednesday)
      • Arctic Skins
      • Blood Eagle Skins
      • Nighthunter Weapon Skin
    • Hunter Skins (Thursday)
      • Monarch Hunter Skin
      • Blood Eagle Hunter Skin (TRS Fav)
  • Monster Skins (Thursday)
    • Wraith Hornet Skin (Buzz Buzz)

In-Game Info Overlay HUD on the dropship

  • When waiting through the initial dropship and the first few moments of a Hunt match an info overlay will display with information on the current character a player is using.
    • Ability/Equipment information
    • Traversal information
    • Objective information
  • Goal here is to help all players have a better grasp of a character before loading into a Hunt match. We’ll continue to expand upon this feature and be sure to give us your feedback!

Perks can be purchased on the profile screen under the new “Perks” tab

  • One of the more requested community features was being able to unlock perks and view all perks before loading into a Hunt match.
  • Now players will be able to view and unlock all perks on their own tab in the Stage 2 profile page.
    ##Silver Key and XP multiplier events are better shown through UI
  • We’ve got a lot of feedback on how we communicate bonus XP and Silver Key events through our UI, so this is our first step to letting players know what is going on!
    • This will be tested on the Overpowered event weekend so be sure to be on the lookout for some truly OP XP and Silver Key bonuses :slight_smile:

New Character specific Accolades (Hidden Silver Key rewards)

  • Instead of a broad set of hidden Accolades to unlock, each character now has individual Accolades they can unlock by completing objectives during a match.
    • Be on the lookout for more rewards in the post round!

Periodic Challenge Adjustments

  • Previously they granted: 25/50/100/250/500 Silver Keys
  • Now they’ll grant: 75/100/225/350 Silver Keys
  • These will appear every 30 minutes, instead of every hour.
    • Opening up a Periodic Challenge and getting 25 Silver Keys just didn’t feel that good for us and our players

Chat History

  • Players can now hit Enter while in multiplayer to see the full chat history!
    • Yay for chat history!

Razer Chroma Support

  • All Razer keyboards that support Chroma now will have some basic functionality with Evolve Stage 2!
    • We will continue to expand on this since we think it’s a cool feature and want to explore how it can make using Chroma in Stage 2 even better.

Balance Changes

  • Dev Insight!
  • We’re trying something new with these patch notes where we’ll include some of the balance team’s thoughts behind the latest balance changes coming into Evolve Stage 2.

Cataclysm Tuning

We’ve got a lot of feedback from our community on Cataclysm and these are some of our first steps on improving the experience. It has gone through a fair number of optimizations to improve performance and hit some of the gameplay complaints around the Meteors.

  • Meteors
    • Reduced frequency of Meteors
      • Min cooldown 4 seconds from 2.5 seconds
      • Max 6 seconds from 5.5 seconds (this is inside domes)
    • Increased Meteor spread (Basically means Meteors won’t be as accurate anymore)
      • Min 2 from 0
      • Max 12 from 10
    • Meteor Radius
      • Decreased to 6 meters from 9 meters
    • Healing
      • HoT
        • Monster 56 from 75 per second
        • Hunter 40 from 50
      • Direct Heal
        • Monster 640 from 800
        • Hunter 240 from 300
        • Hunter Incap 480 from 600
    • Damage
      • Monster 960 from 1200
      • Hunter 360 from 400
    • Meteor visual effects now properly match the radius
    • Removed knockback - Added camera shake

Matchmaking Solo Benefits

  • Dev Insight: Since this is the first time we’ve started showing changes to the matchmaking solo benefits, you can find out more info on how this plays into matchmaking and what our goals are behind this system for all levels of play. More info here:

  • Reminder this does not apply to Hunter teams with a full party.

  • Rank 1 (Max Party Size of Three)

    • Max Health Modifier increased to 10% from 3.2%
    • Movement Speed Modifier increased to 5% from 0%
    • Jetpack Recharge Modifier increased to 5% from 0%
  • Rank 2 (Max Party Size of Two)
    * Max Health Modifier increased to 17% from 13%
    * Movement Speed Modifier increased to 10% from 7%
    * Jetpack Recharge Modifier increased to 10% from 7%

  • Rank 3 (All Solo Hunters)
    * Max Health Modifier increased to 25% from 20%
    * Movement Speed Modifier increased to 12% from 7%
    * Jetpack Recharge Modifier increased to 12% from 7%



  • Out of bounds time decreased to 10 seconds from 15 seconds

  • Damage threshold to interrupt the monster min distance decreased to 30 meters from 50 meters

  • This means hunters will need to be closer to more reliably interrupt the monster’s eating and generator attack

    • Dev Insight: We found that often Hunters would shoot Monsters off eating from too far away which would become rather frustrating as a Monster. This change should have that annoyance happen less often, and force Hunters to be at risk more often when shooting Monsters off wildlife.


  • Acid pools no longer destroy Deployables
    • Dev Insight: Playing a deployable reliant character against Gorgon felt like a constant uphill battle. We wanted to bring back the value Acid Spit brings to Gorgon and this will allow more Hunter diversity.


Quantum Caira

  • Regeneration Field

    • Incap healing increased to 28 health per second from 10
  • Neutron Stabilizer

    • Damage reduction increased to 50% from 40%
  • Dev Insight: Now that she’s been out in the wild for a bit we feel comfortable moving forward with some Quantum Caira buffs. We’re going to bring up her incap healing first alongside improving her Neutron Stabilizer to see where this places Quantum Caira in 2.06.


  • Plasma Lance

    • Damage increased to 115|165|200|250 from 100|150|200|250
  • Autocannon

    • Min spread reduced to 0.765 from 0.9
    • Max spread reduced to 2.4 from 4
    • No longer has spread modification while zooming in.
  • Dev Insight: We’ve got another set of changes to Lennox to bring up her lower end damage on the Plasma Lance and further improve the Autocannon to handle the more squirrely Monsters like Kraken and Wraith. It’ll no longer gain accuracy from zoom in but the end result is a more accurate Autocannon at all points, not just when zooming in.


  • Mortar Cannon

    • Capacity increased to 6 from 5
  • Autofire Shotgun

    • Damage per pellet increased to 11 from 10
  • Dev Insight: Torvald is still struggling after a few recent buffs so we’re going to bring him up again in 2.06. Bringing up his base consistency should allow players to gain more from perks when going into a Hunt match with Torvald.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users would lose all sound during a game with certain headset configurations
  • Fixed crashes that would sometimes occur on the main menu after booting up right after the update.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on the punch card after selecting claim reward
  • Fixed an issue where post round screens would not appear after completing a Hunt match.
  • Fixed how the planet HUD element fades. Instead of a wipe animation it will now just fade out after the scan is complete.
  • The store is now sorted by alphabetical order.



Holy shit! Yes! I’m a noob with my keyboard, what do I need to do to make this work. :joy:


It will just do it automatically! Right now it’s just going to change to your class color, but we’re going to do some more stuff later! :smiley:


Thanks and sorry for commenting here. I got excited. :blush: