Introducing Parnell the 3rd Assault

Parnell the third assault just got revealed, seems like he is a high damaging risk and reward hunter and allegedly he heavily relies on teamwork to be effective. What do you guys think? :assault:


I like it, hopefully i don’t have to pass trough markov to unlock him… getting the level 1 mines was a pain in the ass.


You can unlock Tier 1 skills with wildlife damage. Just throw some as you run around the map and aggro them.


I am SO far from Pro it hurts…but it does not hurt as much as watching this IGN staff “play” Parnell.


The values for many of the skill ranks have been rebalanced so that you should have them done through more ‘natural’ play, rather than focusing on dropping mines to rank up.


@MacMan stated they worked on that to make it way less grindy. As it seems it’ll be way easier when it comes out!


I am so happy, i will get to launch missiles at krakken’s little and ugly face QQ


Seems like alot of fire button spam :slight_smile:


Okay - now that I’ve finished watching it. Not 100% sure what to think of him. I think of the 3 Assault, that he’s 3 on my list. (Which of course means, come release, I’ll fall in love with playing him and do so regularly)


I belive he will be a more skilled version of markov, and slightly better against krakken.


This guy looks great. On a side note is it possible to see who is which class in-game?


Indeed, it appears the class name below the player.


I believe it was like that.


Parnell looks interesting, seems to have a much more twitch shooter feel to him with the rocket launcher. Interested to see how he turns out


The background! She is now finished!


While that picture is indeed, beautiful, I see no monsters and therefore rate it Om-nom-nom/10.


Waiting on all monster reveal to all them. Too bad gray overlay in Profile page covers up so much. Adds contrast to text overlay; I get it… but still sad.


Parnell’s pretty great. I got a real feeling of power from just how little recoil there was from the rocket launcher, especially combined with the super soldier fire rate. Glad it does a decent DPS too because I much prefer it to the shotgun but it makes both weapons feel useful. There’s rarely a reason to use the minigun with Hyde, at least Markov can get some good DPS out of his assault rifle with some weak points and some decent aim.

Still, Hyde is my top dog. Parnell is second on the assault list and makes 2 Assault characters that I’ll probably play regularly.


The biggest asset the assault rifle has going for it is that it’s really accurate compared to the minigun.


Pretty much. Doesn’t the assault rifle have a higher DPS than the lightning gun if you consistantly hit a Val weak point? Not sure where I picked that up from but the accuracy would certainly help with that. The Minigun’s inaccuracy and flamethrower’s huge damage output make jetpacking into range feel much more useful.

Edit: Yeah, it’s in the evolve guide. Headshots and Val weakpoints make for a better DPS than the lightning gun apparently.


I believe if you shot the head or Vals body/head weakpoints it would do more. However, you would need to be pretty consistent with that. Markov is just a really solid assault. I didn’t like Hyde as much as I thought I would :frowning: I think it’s because while the flamethrower did good damage, you didn’t ‘feel’ the impact as much as other weapons. Maybe they changed this though.